Lidia Chistyakova

the Eldest daughter of 34-year-old singer Glyuk’oza decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Today 13-year-old Lydia, acting under the pseudonym Lidus, released a new single called “Firecracker” and an animated clip on it. As it turned out, the girl had previously released tracks under the pseudonym Lidus, but then no one knew them it sings Lida.

Natalia Ionova hastened to share this joyful event in his instagram. She has published an excerpt from the first clip of his daughter and admitted that the Lido since childhood is fond of music and she writes songs.

Today is an important day for our family, we have long prepared. I never thought that our eldest daughter wants to do music! But she was born with great talent, a very deep girl. Since childhood, she sings, plays instruments, composes music and songs. Today was the premiere of her song “Firecracker”! She has already a strong fan support! Still not an army, but they’ll definitely be able to stand up!

Natalia Ionova with her daughter Lydia

Natalia also admitted that she would not like to Lida constantly compared and identified with her, because the girl makes a separate and unique product. The ions also explained why they are with my daughter decided to make her clip animated:

cartoon clips helped us to keep her safe from criticism and comparisons, today we see that the Lido ready for this journey. Ask to meet her warmth. This is an amazing way to be in music and to create it for people. Go ahead, sweetheart, you know we are always there.

the girl has a separate music account in instagram, which was signed by more than 14,6 thousand people. In the last post Lydia told me what inspired her to write the song “Firecracker”. The eldest daughter Natalia Ionova said that a year ago she was forced to change schools and was one of the most difficult periods in my life. Lida admitted that was a long time in search of themselves, constantly arguing with parents and even went on a radical change of image. According to the girl, the song “Firecracker” was written on emotion and fully reflects its moral status then.

Lidia Chistyakovaa Year ago I was expelled from school after 6 years of study. Not because I was a bad student or who started a fight, simply because I did not comply with the dress code and was too often asked questions about why there are different rules. I’m just a man, I need to understand, to accept… But if I say “do as told” without explanation, then I’m afraid of myself.

then came a couple of months to go to school near the house, until I got where I wanted, where we are allowed to create and be themselves. The year I learned to live a new life, looking for friends, cried, laughed, changed hair color, arguing with parents and teachers, didn’t sleep last night, then slept for days. The song “Firecracker” about my condition at this time. About what happened and is happening in my head, and about what I believe and feel!

Many subscribers have already appreciated debut track beginning star and admitted that he had added it to their playlists. Internet users wished the girl success and told me to always be myself, despite the common belief and framework.

So many people, the words trying to extinguish the spark
But I believe that if you explode in full force.
And the next challenge is to take and to believe in themselves,
I will Say to myself: let’s Shine!

— Lydia sings in the song “Firecracker”.

it is Noteworthy that the mother of the young singer at the time also started with the image of the depersonalized image of the cartoon character — is enough to recall the first clips Glyuk’oza.

Natalia Ionova with her daughter Lydia