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Earlier this week wrote NRK about the Hospital Inland as discovered that 22 people had been given the wrong answer on the koronaprøven.

Eleven people were first told that they were not suffering, something that proved to not vote. Eleven others were told that they were suffering. Nor, it turned out to be right.

the Error should, according to a press release from the Hospital Inland is caused by an internal failure in the programmeringa of prøveoppsettet. This will quickly have been discovered.

Still managed several health professionals to be in contact with people who were suffering before this was corrected.

Employees in quarantine

As a result of the erroneous prøvesvarene were 13 employees from the Hospital Inland to quarantine. At the same time be able to 14 other go back on the job. It’s got That Blade stated Thursday.

LOW RISK: Line Fuglehaug in the Hospital, Inland tells us that the risk that the employees shall have the continuing infection is very small.

Photo: Arvid Torsgard / NRK

– The employees that was first put in quarantine could return to his work, while the employees who had actually been in contact with the patient who was detected the infection was quarantined, ” says Line Fuglehaug at the Hospital Inland to the NRK.

Why were they quarantined in the first place? Was it not used smittevernutstyr in meeting with patients?

If it turns out that the personnel have been in contact with patients who have proven koronavirus, without having used the correct type of smittevernutstyr for this, be they in quarantine in line with the current guidelines. There are clear guidelines for what type of smittevernutstyr to be used by suspected or proven covid-19 – disease, and which smitteutstyr used by suspected other infectious diseases.

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According to the Fuglehaug to smittevernoverlegen have assessed the risk of disease transmission between the 13 employees that were sent in quarantine and patients as low.

– There is generally strict smittevernrutiner, so the risk that the employees shall have the continuing infection is considered to be very small, to respond Fuglehaug.

Ellen Henriette Pettersen is the director of medicine and health sciences in the Hospital Inland. She tells us that the employees who are now in quarantine in the small extent was in contact with the patients.

It was about a few hours of possible contact, so it is highly unlikely that they have brought the infection on because it takes on average four to five days from being infected to being smitteførende yourself, ” she says.

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ERROR: It was at the Hospital Interior, department of microbiology, that the error was discovered.


the People who were involved are from the municipalities of Stange, Løten, Hamar and Ringsaker.

According to Fuglehaug put these municipalities promptly smittesporing. They checked how many of those infected who were in contact with the other while they thought they were healthy.

For the rest, St. Olav’s hospital in Trondheim also gone out with the message that they are sorry that it was given the wrong answer on the nine koronaprøver night to Sunday.

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