for 100,000 surgical masks, which the Flemish government last week to be divided among the revalidatieziekenhuizen will not work. It’s going to be better, protective FFP2 masks, which health-care providers to be in contact with a severely ill coronapatiënten to use it.

From e-mail correspondence from the revalidatieziekenhuizen by the Flemish Agency for Care and Health, which is The period of Time was able to refer to it, it turns out that the Agency itself determined that the mask is not part of, or a certificate and they are produced for industrial and not for medical purposes.

Last week, on Monday it was informed, the Flemish minister of well-being, Wouter Beke (CD&V) on the delivery date. On the same day, warned Dirk in addition to initiating the alternative, the administrator-general of the Flemish Agency for Care and Health, and the revalidatieziekenhuizen that surgical masks are not in use. “In the absence of a label, it is now recommended not to use it to make direct contact with an infectious Covid-19 in-patients,” she said.

Banana cornflakesdozen.

Upon receipt of the screens introduced the first revalidatieziekenhuis RevArte that they are completely useless. “They didn’t, as I said, from China and from Colombia to come out. They were packed in used banana and cornflakesdozen, which is contrary to the rules and regulations. In a box, we even feces of an animal to be found,” says the director, In Splingaer. “The result is that we don’t generally have the appropriate masks to the staff, to protect them.”

In response to the revalidatieziekenhuizen proposed by the Flemish Agency on Friday that it will be the duty of the customs authority or the inspection body, can not accept, so the masks have fallen through the net slipped. At The Time, the Agency will know that it is the mask of an examination.

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