a Project dedicated to the art of the era, which some have termed “the era of developed socialism”, others – “the era of stagnation and stagnation,” originated as the second part of the trilogy about the “Thaw”, “Stagnation”, “Perestroika”. The title of this second part of the book resonates with the anthropologist Alexei Urtaca “It was forever until the end. The last Soviet generation.” The exhibition was due to open on 10 April, but then came the pandemic, which, hopefully, is “not forever”, but yet – undetermined date out of it and the open ending. However, as said Zelfira Tregulova, the Museum plans to open this exhibition in July.

the question of why the Museum decided two months to start selling tickets, implies several answers. First, the practice of selling tickets in advance had succeeded, however, in the other life, before the advent of COVID-19. Now, of course, the situation is different – make plans for the next two months few dare. On the other hand, the appearance of light on the “horizon” of uncertainty, even in the form of a “ticket open date”, that was exciting. Secondly, the Museum, of course, in current difficult financial situation, need money, among other things, to provide “anti-virus” the safety of visitors. Thirdly, (and this is important) suddenly, it became clear that the days of rhyme. The isolation times of a pandemic, slamming the borders, tension and uncertainty in a strange way look analogy of life behind the iron curtain during the cold war. You can, of course, these analogies to continue and develop. But they are so obvious that here and play “find ten differences” is not necessary. However, the differences are obvious. The same life online generation, who grew up in the 1970s, and did not dream. Is that flashed in the books of the series “Library of science fiction”.

Actually, this “loop”, issued suddenly by the arrow of time, and prompted the Museum to wait for the sea weather, and to invite its viewers to think about “strange encounters”. And if the exhibition itself we do not see, but on the educational portal “Lavrus” can go through the ABCs of the art 1970s-1980s, marked by the traits of escapism, the existence of double coordinates and retreat to “the closet” of their dreams or visions, childhood memories or dreams of faraway countries. The image of “the closet” was important not only for the album, Ilya Kabakov “Skapocalypse Primakov”, but, for example, for the film “the Wardrobe” (1971) Andrei Khrzhanovsky, and works of Vladimir Yankylevsky.

recalls the artist Irina Nakhova, “conceptualism in the Soviet Union taught life itself, double standards: they say one thing, think another, do the third. And read between the lines. Soviet conceptualism was therefore of a different origin than the Western: there he was the “glass bead game”, and for us a way of survival and existence. So it wasI’m here tenacious: by and large it is the only art movement that survived.”

Among the artists whose memories of that time, you can find on the portal “Lavrus”, as Ilya Kabakov and Viktor Pivovarov, Igor Shelkovsky and Yuri albert, Andrei Monastyrsky, Vadim Zakharov, Nikita Alexeev and Vladimir Salnikov, Semyon Faibisovich.

Here you can read about the “10 works of the era of stagnation, you need to know” and “10 exhibitions of unofficial art”. A story about books that are worth reading. If you are not sure that you know what “the oven” is different from the plate, and “zucchini” from Kabakov’s why the “Mushroom” not only the fungus, and who are the “caldey”, that you, here, in “a Dictionary of the era of stagnation.”

And finally, the bonus online life – animation project “Trick”, the fruit of joint work of students of the HSE and the Tretyakov gallery. the Story of our action begins with the “turning” of “Truth” in the stuffing Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid delivered, with the famous “trips out of town,” the group “Collective action” (CD) and vigorous performances of “fly Agaric”. While three shares of “the Meatballs Presnya” Komar and Melamid, a “Picture” of the CD and “Metro” group “Amanita”, on this page you can find animated longed about “Painting”.

Yeah, already on 14 may at 18.00 it will be possible to hear the first discussion dedicated to the exhibition. Among the participants are artists, curators, philosophers, writers, including Alexander Arkhangelsky, Dmitry Gutov, Victor Miziano, Irina Nakhova, Elena Petrovskaya… subscribe to the newsletter here. But promise and a stream on the grounds of the Museum in social networks.