Russian figure skating ace Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has shared her plans for the next competitive season, revealing she will be attempting to land a quadruple jump in her programs.

During an Instagram Live chat the 23-year-old said she is continuing to train in lockdown, collaborating with her coaches and choreographers online.

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After failing to qualify for the world championship, I had enough time to work on new programs for the next season. So I have short and free programs almost ready. They were created online,” the skater said.

The 2015 world and European champion said she is ready to throw a quad in her programs, stressing, however, she will need to polish the jump after a long break from training on the ice.

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I’m planning to include a quad into my programs. But due to the fact that we haven’t skated for a long time it would be difficult to execute it in the beginning of the season. But I will do everything possible to land it,” she added.

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She is one of the few skaters who pose a threat to Eteri Tutberidze’s dominance in female skating, having a quad toe loop and triple axel in her technical content.

Last season, all major figure skating events were won by Tutberidze’s quad-jumping skaters, who swept the podium at the ISU Grand Prix final and the European Championships.

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