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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Swiss E-mobile Enuu in the Test: virus-free by the City – view

they look like miniature versions of the Asian Tuktuks. Not chugging, but sums electrically and to – to E-Scooters and E-Bikes – the...

Consequences of Coronavirus: a 10-million fewer cars view

will Only be built by the production stops in March and April, around 1.6 million cars less. "It is still too early to...

Interview with PSA CEO Carlos Tavares – view

The Portuguese Carlos Tavares (61), Chairman of the Board of the French PSA group, is regarded as the Superstar of the auto industry,...

A night between the legendary cars in the Museum of Alfa Romeo – view

Tazio Nuvolari was a wild dog, probably the most dauntless racers of the 1930s. He smoked in the race like a cigarette, drank...

Instead of trip to Thailand: FIS-officials telephone conference, view

The Ski-circus in the last 22 years, a real Kasper theatre. Since the Engadine, Gian Franco Kasper, 1998, the office of the FIS-President...

Aston Martin Valkyrie: British Hypercar with a Swiss soul

This car is beyond anything that has developed the Aston Martin so far. Up to 1160 HP and a maximum torque of 900...

Interview with football commentator Claudia Neumann – view

We sort of us (laughs). Currently, we report on the developments in the Sport due to Corona. After that, we will have to...

Harley-Davidson LiveWire: Swiss driving record with E-bike – view

it was Already the announcement of a small Sensation: The traditional motorcycle manufacturer Harley rich Davidson builds with the LiveWire a Elektrotöff. Instead...

After the social distancing, I bet on the death of the open space

a Professor at the school of collective intelligence of the UM6P, and co-founder of the market predictive Hypermind, Emile Servan-Schreiber is the...

The Digital Swiss 5: Tour de Suisse is now virtual – to- view

Whether the Tour de Suisse can be held in the coming June, is due to the Corona-crisis is highly uncertain. But the Rad...