Child marriages are still a Problem in Switzerland – views,

The Numbers are frightening. Each week up to eleven person Concerned with the subject of forced marriage, the competence centre of the Federal office – every third person is a minor. So many as never before. 2018 was in charge of the specialist...

Gaspläne of the Federal Council, with eleven Provide views for the thickness of the air –

all of a Sudden it needs a new law. To date, the Gas flows without this reliably to the Swiss customers. However, according to the Federal Council, must be regulated by a Federal law, what is already working: The 30. October, he has...

Katrin Eggenberger – by the WEF in the government of the Principality of – view

Liechtenstein has a new foreign Minister! On Wednesday, the Parliament of the Principality of Katrin Eggenberger (37) has been chosen in the government. She is a personality with very interesting experiences: for example, the economist was until the end of October, the personal...

After the racism of the Basel carnival: investigation – view

The perpetrators should go unpunished. Two cases of possible racism in the Basel carnival had taken care of in the spring in Switzerland headlines. Even the Federal Commission against racism, had turned on. In one case, the Basel public Prosecutor's office...

Digitization: politicians demand more services – view

The fate of Markus Studer (66) from Zurich, Switzerland. In spite of the help of a colleague and the Spitex he didn't come on for weeks to his Parcel. But registered letters remained denied because he did it because of his Parkinson's disease...

Natalie Rickli charmed in Modissa-dress – look

Last Saturday, presented Natalie Rickli (42) on the traditional Kispi-Ball your friend Frank Eisenhut (50). With the insurance Manager, Rickli has been together longer. However, the Partner was not the only news of the Evening. Also yourself, the Zurich SVP-member of...

Juso is angry about election advertisement of the Zurich government view

The message is clear. With the Slogan "Choose Ruedi Noser in the Council of States" to advertise five of the seven Zurich government councils in an advertisement for the re-election of the FDP of States. Only Martin Neukom (33, Green) and Jacqueline Fehr...

Jacqueline Fehr calls for Christian Levrats outlet – view

In the elections two weeks ago, the SP had to have springs. Under Christian Levrat (49) achieved the worst result in 100 years. What to learn, the party out of it? In the left of the Zurich magazine "P. S." power...

Right politicians want to abolish engagement of law – view

The engagement has today not only romantic pages, but also legal consequences. Who promises the marriage, is also before the legislature as engaged. It does not matter whether the marriage proposal delivered on the beach under the palm trees or at the lunch...

In the Canton of Vaud the seat of a loss of – view threatens the SP of the fourth Stöckli

a Mere 1400 votes short of a red Revolution in the Canton of Valais. SP candidate Mathias Reynard (32) wanted to break the 150-year-long rule of the CVP in the Stöckli – and failed on Sunday just. Reynards, is Failure for...


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