Yuliya Snigir recommends what movies to watch in isolation

Yuliya Snigir, actress: Photo: kinopoisk.ru Named a new date of the Premier of “Indiana Jones 5”, “Mulan” and Marvel movies

1 “French” (Andrey Smirnov)

2 “Jojo Rabbit (Taika of Waititi)

3 “Gentlemen” (guy Ritchie)

4 “I don’t like it” (TV series Netflix)

5 “Once in Hollywood” (Quentin Tarantino)

6 “the Storm” (Boris Khlebnikov)

7 “Rocketmen”(Fletcher)

8 “the Beginning” (Gleb Panfilov)

9 “Magnolia” (Pamela Anderson)

10 “the Great beauty” (Paolo Sorrentino)