Igor – 25. He grew up in the South, graduated from Voronezh Military air force Academy named after prof. Zhukovsky and Yuri Gagarin and went to serve in Yekaterinburg. Became interested in athletics, reading books on psychology.

In December 2018 has become very tired from physical activity. But didn’t find anything dangerous. On New year Igor wrote in his diary his plans for the next five years: to be promoted, to learn foreign languages, to move to a bigger apartment, to learn ten songs on the guitar, to read more, participate in athletic competition.

Life gave him other goals.

the Lieutenant turned to the doctor with stomach pain and was in the Main military clinical hospital named after N. N. Burdenko.

– Saw guys as young as me. All white and bald. Decided I’m here just by mistake – for a couple of days, – says Igor.

a few days later he found out his diagnosis – acute myeloblastic leukemia. And I realized that soon, too, will become white and bald…

Leukemia is a blood disease. It consists in the fact that the bone marrow begins to produce the “wrong” cells that do not grow and do not die as expected, but actively share. And gradually replacing healthy blood cells. The person becomes pale, weak, susceptible to infections. Without quality of treatment patients quickly die. For early start of therapy – on the contrary, often go into permanent remission. That is, the symptoms of the disease or disappear altogether.

Igor Mokios rebuilt the plans and commenced the “Great battle with leukemia”. The army had to retire. The guy went through several chemotherapy courses, in consultation with doctors from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Achieved remission failed. Doctors resorted to the next method of struggle – marrow transplantation. Fortunately, the long search for a donor is not needed, the brother of Igor approached for this role one hundred percent. Such a coincidence is very rare. Preparation for surgery and recovery from it was hard for the young man. But warmed by the thought that the transplant helps to overcome the disease. Many, but not all. Igor no luck.

Then the doctors posted the last “trump card” and appointed a young man of rare and expensive anticancer drug, which was approved for use in Russia for chronic lymphocytic leukemia two years ago. Now doctors are trying to use this medication in acute myeloid leukemia. In Voronezh such treatment is resorted to for only the second time.

In the list of vital and essential drugs (EDL) drug not included. However, it can (and should!) to be purchased due to the budget, if, as in the case of Igor prescribed to the patient for health reasons. For this you need to prepare and heartht the Department of health of the Voronezh region certain documents. The boy’s parents are now doing this with the support of lawyers from the charity Fund “give life”. But “paper” things take time, and the Lieutenant Mokios time to wait, unfortunately, no.

Igor is Now taking this drug, a number he was given in Moscow. The body gives a good response, left some side symptoms. Only capsules remained for a week, and stop the therapy does not. To buy medicine for the next two months, you need more than 1.6 million rubles. This is the last hope Igor for recovery.

As explained in the Voronezh charity Fund “Dobrobut”, which helps children with cancer and young adults, 80 percent of cases, cancer is curable, if the skilled assistance in time. Unfortunately, lack of funding leads to a lack of medicines. Therefore, patients are forced to seek money for treatment on their own.

How to help Igor Mokios, you can find at: +7 (473) 257-36-11 and 8 (900) 308-13-36.

the Department of health of the Voronezh region appealed the court’s decision, which had to buy expensive medication for a child with batten disease from the Semiluksky district. “RG” wrote about this story in may and June, 2020. Medicine not registered in Russia, has appointed the baby to the Federal medical center for health reasons. The annual rate is more than 60 million rubles. Doctors believe that therapy should begin as soon as possible, otherwise the condition cannot be alleviated. Their colleagues from Voronezh to the efficacy of a drug do not believe, but to offer an alternative, alas, can not. Officials are convinced that the purchase at public expense, and to apply this drug is not allowed under the law. Lenin regional court took a position which was sounded earlier by the Supreme court: no bureaucratic nuances can not diminish the right of the disabled child to free treatment. As you can see, the Department hopes to have his own. But, as cynical as it may sound, the trial may last until the moment when the need for the procurement will disappear.