Lyudmila Porgina had a serious conflict with Ukrainians vacationing there at the hotel. The unpleasant incident was resolved only after the intervention of local law enforcement officers.

A few days ago, 73-year-old Russian theater and film actress Lyudmila Porgina left for Bulgaria. At local resorts, Nikolai Karachentsov’s widow hopes to recover from a complex operation that was recently transferred to the Russian Federation. In an interview with journalists of the ProZvezd portal, Lyudmila Andreevna complained that prices in Bulgaria have increased significantly recently.

“Gasoline has become very expensive, vegetables and fruits too. For example, a kilogram of cherries here now costs about three euros. But it’s still worth it! Vegetables and fruits here have a completely different taste, because they do not use any chemicals. Only natural fertilizers are added. Therefore, tomatoes, cherries, strawberries, and even meat in Bulgaria are simply amazing,” says Porgina.

The celebrity says that so far she has not faced any particular harassment in connection with nationality. On the contrary, Bulgarians are friendly and peaceful, always smiling, greeting. Problems arose only with Ukrainians. In one of the hotels, guests from a neighboring state began to drive Porgina and other Russians with rags. The conflict was resolved only after the intervention of local law enforcement officers.

“There were performances in one hotel from Ukrainians: “Russians, let’s go, get out of here. This is our territory. We have joined the European Union.“ The police were immediately called, and they calmed down. In general, everything is fine with Ukrainians here: we kiss when we meet, we hug. We talk about life, about Cola, about performances,” Lyudmila Andreevna smiles.

The only drawback of Bulgaria, Porgina, who recently spoke with a terrible message, calls a very long road. After the ban on direct flights, Porgina was forced to get there through Turkey. The artist flew to Istanbul for five hours, and another five to Bulgaria. Plus — a transfer for two hours, and it took the same amount of time to get to the hotel.