The Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has already left Taiwan, but her visit will be discussed for a long time. So, the stylist of the full image Darya Sedunova saw in the pink suit of a politician a certain aggressive message. This is what the “Word and Deed” writes about.

It is commonly believed that pink is associated with tenderness and frivolity, but this is far from the case.

“Pink is the same red, only diluted, you can say "sprinkled with white paint". Thus, pink is red, which is responsible for the expression of aggression, revolution, challenge, and white, which tends to soften this message with supposedly sincere purity and good intentions, but in fact strengthen the former,” Sedunova explained.

According to the stylist, the choice of a suit of this color is not an accident at all. Color always figures in the creation of an image, it speaks about a person without words. There is no doubt that Pelosi’s stylists are well aware of the power of color, its message and influence.

“Exit to the plane ramp, meeting reporters at its foot and a loud appearance, where from the first second it was necessary to declare their intentions, because photos in all media from a long distance flew in a matter of minutes. And how to do it? Of course, with the help of color. Neither the texture of the fabric, nor the smell, nor even the style are endowed with such power,” the stylist noted.

Recall that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan made a lot of noise in the world. The Chinese army immediately began military exercises around the island. The Chinese authorities have already imposed a number of sanctions on Taipei. Former US President Donald Trump called Pelosi crazy because of her visit. According to him, everything the speaker undertakes ends badly, including two failed attempts to impeach him.