– Our project is called “Whales of the Okhotsk sea. Khabarovsk Krai”, – said Deputy Minister of culture of Khabarovsk Krai – the Chairman of the Committee for tourism Vitaly Selyukov. Is a unique product of domestic tourism. It implies the observation of bowhead whales where they are born and live on the Shantar Islands. Shantary is a pure environment, untouched nature, beautiful views, rich sea of Okhotsk. There is, of course, not to buy. But the opportunity to observe the northernmost whale on the light pulls in the southern Octomore people from all over the world. These tours are regularly visited by tourists from America, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, Europe and, of course, the Russians.

Such trips are very expensive. For example, one of the travel agencies offers a two-week trip to the Islands (from Komsomolsk-on-Amur) at the price from 170 to 225 thousand rubles, depending on the season. Another 10-day ekonomtur with accommodation in tents for 149 thousand (away from Khabarovsk).

– our task Today is to enter the top ten best environmental projects of the Russian Federation, which will be included in the upcoming national project “Tourism”. This will give you a chance to budget and off-budget financing and attraction of investors, – said Vitaly Selyukov.

As reported in the regional Committee for tourism on the South coast of the Okhotsk sea, some bays built points of reception of tourists, a reliable fleet to carry tourists from the mainland to the Shantar archipelago.

– We intend to simplify the logistics of delivery of tourists from Khabarovsk to Shantaram due to the construction of the runway, attracting a small and light aircraft, and passenger ships, – said the Chairman of the tourism Committee. – Then the trip will be cheaper shipping to the Islands faster and better. Due to this, we plan to broaden the scope of a visit to the sea of Okhotsk and Shantar.

July 28 the contest Committee will choose the 30 best applications. In the part of the program, their proponents will have the opportunity to develop comprehensive projects of tourist-recreational clusters in ecotourism development and then submit them to the second stage of the competition. At this stage, will take into account the ideas of the people of the region that can be left on the crowdsourcing platform. Then, from 30 applications will be selected ten winners. They will be announced on October 16.

Sergei Ivanov, the Russian President’s special envoy for environmental issues, ecology and transportation:

– the crisis caused by the pandemic and painful blow to many of our traditional paradigms and simultaneously opened a “window of opportunity” for ecological tourism on the territory of Russia. New ecological routes that will allow not only to visit the unique natural objects, but also give the opportunity to witness a rare performancethe representatives of flora and fauna, no doubt, will enjoy guaranteed success with our citizens. At the same time tourism can give a strong impetus to the development and the system of specially protected natural areas to attract large investments – primarily private.

Svetlana Cumshewa, Director General of the Agency for strategic initiatives:

– Developing an acceleration program for participants, we intend not only to create conditions for the development of already existing projects, but also to stimulate the growth of entrepreneurial activity, to create a positive image of the region. We want to demonstrate that ecotourism is not only an opportunity to see natural attractions, but also an effective tool for sustainable economic development.