Medical masks and gloves have become commodities along with canned goods, cereals, and other means of survival in prolonged isolation. But the pharmacy – is not only the capital, but across the country – can not cope with increased demand. The excitement with which today the Russians tell each other that in a pharmacy supposedly “threw out” the mask is comparable with the delight that 40 years ago caused the news appeared in the Department store import boots… And, as in the epoch of the Soviet deficiency, there is a choice of whether to wait, when “thrown”, or try to sew yourself. The example provided by compatriots 12-year-old Vlad Cherkaev from Yakutia – when his family is faced with a shortage of masks, along with his mother, he began to sew the individual remedies themselves. And successfully – with a light hand Vlad the fashion for masks homemade spread throughout Yakutia and even went beyond it.

Cut the fabric on a flat rectangle, fold over the folds, to prepare the gum and to make sure that the seams is smooth, is a female occupation? A young inhabitant of Yakutia Vlad Cherkaev confident: not at all! The guy is studying in 5th class of school №23 in Yakutsk, in a free time sometimes play video games and seriously engaged in English language and Boxing Hobbies, worthy of respect! However, Vlad is the time and much less a boy’s hobby – along with her mother Svetlana, he sews a medical mask that the countrymen in the era of the epidemic.

– When the world began to declare quarantine coronavirus, in our city, too, began to panic a little. Pharmacies were not masks. We saw what the need is, because the mask is needed to protect yourself and others from infection. So there was a decision to sew masks, – has explained in conversation with the correspondent “MK” Vlad and his mother.

the Idea has arisen not on an empty place – Svetlana has long been engaged in sewing, and most recently, in February 2020, they, along with Vlad made a lot ECOSOC designed to replace plastic bags.

– the First time in school, Vlad, the quarantine announced in February. Then we had the idea to sew ekosumki because we care about the environment. We are concerned about the amount of garbage produced by man. If humanity continues with the same pace to pollute, then the planet will be nothing left alive. Saving the planet decided to start by example. If everyone at least stop buying plastic bags, it will be a huge contribution to the environment, – shares his thoughts Svetlana. The first bags I made myself, but saw that Vlad likes this, interesting. Offered to teach. Then together we posted photos of the bags to social networks and twhether to sell.

Sewing has proven to be a very addictive hobby for 12-year-old boyfriend, and now Vlad is actively working with needle and thread on their own – and even asked mom to buy a second sewing machine to speed up the process and provide masks as many people.

– We sewn from calico, thick calico and shirting fabric. They have two layers: first tried stitching in three layers, but the masks are too tight, they can’t breathe. Use a clothes line or hat elastic. The pattern found on the Internet. A day turns out to sew 10-15 masks. Use a sewing machine to quickly stitch mask, – says Vlad.

He followed the trends of his sewing machine out and simple white and black masks, and even decorated with unusual patterns (it depends on fabric choice). Of course, the mask is conform to the trend of environmental consciousness – they are reusable. They should be changed every 2-3 hours and, as explained by Vlad, to wash and iron before each use. Hence, everyone recommends that you buy at least a couple of pieces (and preferably more!), in order to comply with all hygiene requirements. But the task of the family Turkevych – to make it so that people had the opportunity. Simply put – make more masks.

– Sold per piece, 30-40 pieces at once – in bulk, if I may say so. Most people buy one, of course. Price, we believe that we can average in the city – 100 rubles. Don’t forget about charity. Gave masks to all older residents of his house, and to our janitors. Stock good plan to continue – say Turkevi. – First we buy the masks, the neighbors, a lot of buyers come from social networks. First, we practiced self – people came and took away the mask – now suspended due to the fact that the situation has deteriorated, you need to follow the self-isolation. Now put the mask in a taxi.

Sewing has become for Turkevych a full-fledged family business – sometimes to cope with the influx of orders for masks Vlad help Aisen brother and sister Siana. The guy follows the latest trends, instructing not to divide the profession and occupation to “male” and “female”. On the contrary, he gives the example of a famous men fashion designers and presses that young man at the sewing machine in the modern world no surprise can’t (or at least should not!).

And the trend quickly went to the people – even coach Simon Eremeev from the Boxing section, where he focuses on Vlad, took its cue from the student and also began to sew at least a little of the masks for themselves and their families. “I’m very glad that inspired you!”, writes Vlad on his page under the picture of a mentor at the sewing machine. Indeed, the trend is good news.

– VLA�� set an example for many children and adults. Someone sews for free, someone is selling. No, to us for advice does not apply, but the master class and pattern we have posted on the page, make use of everyone can – said Svetlana. Like any mother, she was pleased that the son in these days has become virtually a national hero. Although, as it turns out, even in such a harmless and useful business there are detractors.

“We got a lot of feedback. Most, of course, positive. There are some, however, but we only laugh because we too love our business and do not abandon him, whatever words we wrote. My mother and I believe that we are on the right track,” he tells Vlad to subscribers.

In a situation where medical masks have become a scarce commodity, a boy gives everything, not only to his countrymen in Yakutia, but all Russians, – a simple and at the same time, an unexpected suggestion: try to sew masks to anyone who can hold a needle and thread. After all, this is no big deal – and, look, the deficit can be overcome.


Citizens less responsible, who does not want daily washable reusable mask made of cotton and calico, are also recommended to sew your own hands personal protection nonwoven – spunbond and meltblown. These fabrics can be bought in shops of products for the garden (one of the purposes is to wrap the greenhouse). Three-layer mask with meltblown in the middle will be an adequate substitute for the purchased product. Of course, the disposable – to change it you need to be every 3-4 hours.