during the war years, healthcare workers have been at the forefront along with the soldiers. In many respects, they depended on the fighting capacity of the army and its success. Learn more about what life was like doctors in that difficult time in our gallery.

During the great Patriotic war heroes are not only those who went on the battlefield. Military doctors also had to go to the epicenter of the battle to carry the wounded Boitsov.

During the great Patriotic war heroes are not only those who went on the battlefield. Military doctors also had to go to the epicenter of the battle to carry the wounded soldiers.

During the war at the front worked more than 700 thousand medical workers. Of them were wounded more than 125 thousand and about 85 thousand killed.

In 1941, in the article of the newspaper “Pravda” the challenge for medicine, formulated as: “Everyone returned to duty soldier is our victory. It is the victory of the Soviet medical science. It is a victory of the military unit, the ranks of which he returned the old battle-Wain”

For the first 5 months of the war was formed 291 division c separate medical battalion, 94 brigade with a private medical company, 380 mobile field hospitals, 38 mouth medical gain 12 hospitals wounded, 37 of the evacuation centres, 79 mekoprint, 1600 maculopathy

the War interrupted the planned activities of the Soviet health. The situation demanded a review of the tasks of the medical service of the red Army. So, one of the priority tasks was the removal of the wounded from the battlefield and providing them with medical pomoshi.

the Number of affected and requiring emergency assistance at the front was so great that the doctors and nurses had to work without respite for several days podryad.

As he wrote to Marshal Zhukov, “in the great war achieving victory over the enemy depends to a considerable extent on the successful work of the military medical service, especially of military surgery”. And the experience of the great Patriotic war confirmed these slova.

“To that made by Soviet military medicine during the last war, in all fairness could be called a feat. For us, the veterans of the great Patriotic war, the image of the military physician remains the epitome of high humanism, courage and dedication,” wrote Marshal of the Soviet Union Bagramyan.

Such a big load was depleted and horrible fatigue among medical personnel were distributed to the hungry fainting happened due to the fact that doctors and nurses could not be distracted no sekundo.

For hours one nurse could move from the battlefield 5-6 fighters, and then, without resting, proceed to the dressings, and assisting in operatsiyah.

nevertheless, the medicine for the war years received a considerable impetus to the development. Directly in field hospitals the doctors were developed and began to implement new advanced treatment technologies, which have helped many severely wounded soldiers recover much bystree.

After the great Patriotic war 116 thousand medical workers were awarded orders and medals. 47 people became heroes of the Soviet Union, among them were 17 Jensen.

Only the war years were hospitalized more than 22 million soldiers and officers. Thanks to the medical professionals around 17 million of them came back in stroe.

Special courage and bravery during the war to show the younger medical personnel. Often fragile female nurses had alone to drag on the major soldiers in full banderban.

Famous generals and commanders of the great Patriotic war in his memoirs given the highest rating of activities of military doctors, paramedics, nurses, paramedics, and sanitaro-nosilicon.

an equally important outcome of the work of the medical service was the provision of sanitary-epidemiological welfare of troops. The number of infectious patients in the army amounted to only 9% of the total number of sick soldiers, although the war is the heyday of dangerous infecci.

Often doctors had to carry out complex operations in the field – working literally under fire, without enough medicine.

Varvara Makarova