the Theme again at the peak of debate is not accidental. In mid-July, the Investigative Committee has arrested a group of doctors of a private medical center and employees of intermediary agencies, suspecting them of nothing less than child trafficking. It happened once in a Moscow apartment, they found several babies which Russian surrogate mothers endured for foreign parents. To take the children did not have time because of closed borders in the epidemic COVID-19.

the head of the NWO Leonid Roshal always closely monitoring the cases in which accused doctors. How will the events develop in a particular case – it is not clear, the investigation is closed. Thus in NMP admit of legislative regulation of surrogate motherhood in Russia needs to be adjusted now to work on amendments together with the chamber joined the Russian Association of human reproduction and the Russian society of obstetricians-gynecologists. Some discuss the proposals became known to “RG”.

“the Issue of child trafficking is absolutely justified, – said “RG” the NRM expert, a Professor of criminal law Department of VSU of justice (RPA of the Ministry of justice of Russia), Antonina Chuprova. Surrogate motherhood has turned Russia into a profitable sector in which a significant role belongs to different kinds of mediation centers. These organizations promise to solve the problems of persons who are not genetic parents of the child, for example, persons in same-sex marriages, including foreign nationals. I must admit that such centres do not pay for intermediary services in the selection of surrogate mother and legal support, and for the result – the baby.”

According to our laws, the child bearing of a woman who is not his biological mother, is one of the ways of treatment of infertility in a woman who is unable to give birth to itself, by certain medical. In fact, sometimes surrogate mothers to fulfill the wishes of the customer to “ready” the child, even in cases that to female infertility have no relationship. “It is not permitted to carry the child, the potential parents which are genetically are not,” – said Chuprov. But when the letter of the law is violated – the future of children, in fact, become a commodity.

“About the signs of child trafficking indicate, for example, such terms and conditions, as the return obtained from potential parents of funds for abortion or fetal death. Will also known fact: one located in China advertising billboards with references to famous Russian medical center, a happy gay partners holding babies, – says Antonina Chuprova. – That is, the mediation Agency is banal trade babies, genetically unrelated customers.”

Rossiiski the law is quite loyal. In other countries where surrogacy is allowed, for example, in some States, mediation is strictly prohibited.

So, in principle, to ban surrogacy? And what about the hundreds of women, because of injury or disease have lost their ability to give birth? For them the help of surrogate mothers – one chance to get your biological child and not to adopt.

In the NWO believe that it is important to improve the existing procedure. In particular, the centers of the mediation, not related to medicine, and treatments must be excluded.

Logically, when the potential parents and surrogate mothers will be referred directly to medical centers – believe in the NWO. However, the detailed procedure should be clearly spelled out because, in addition to purely medical aspects of the case there is still a contractual relationship between the parties.

“regulations governing surrogacy, contain a number of contradictory provisions that create legal problems as potential parents and a surrogate mother – says Chuprov. – So, for the genetic parents, it is difficult to obtain consent of surrogate mothers to provide them in the birth certificate of the child. There are problems when her running couples, unmarried or single women. These issues involved in the Supreme court. While courts often make decisions in the best interests of the child, that is in favor of the biological parents.”

Ambiguous and the position Sumatera – in most cases, they fulfill their part of the agreement is based on a serious reward. “There are times when a woman eventually does not receive the promised amount in the fit contract penalties for fuzzy requirements, for example, power monitoring, medication, doctor visits, – says the expert. Sometimes surmateri can’t expect that parents will take born to their children, for example, if a child is born the wrong sex, which was stipulated, or if he is born sick, or if, for example, gave birth to twins”.

These things can be addressed, if to complement the family law provisions about surrogacy, say in the NWO. The main provisions of the contract between the intended parents and Sumatera need to detail in the Family code.

And, of course, surrogacy should not be seen as one of the types of business in which the decisive role is played by intermediary agencies, governing and financial conditions, including the fee Surman. “For anybody not a secret that women earn a living by repeatedly performing the functions of child bearing. In fact, they are doing surrogacy in their profession” – said the expert of the NWO.

How to resolve this issue, not usemin interests either of the other parties have yet to discuss. “Maybe surmateri should limit the number of deliveries and to reimburse only reasonable costs associated with the loss of work and also to compensate for the costs of medical and legal assistance,” – believe in the NWO.