Businesses all over the world are always looking for solutions to improve the ease of serving their customers. One of the mediums many businesses have been exploring is developing software and applications to reach more customers and meet their customer needs easily.

Developing software and applications to provide improved business solutions is laudable. Still, many of these businesses are not getting premium results from this software and applications because of the common practice of sidelining project managers. Some business owners do not ensure to vet their projects as they would vet Nascar betting picks, but they would want exceptional results.

As more business owners see the need to develop software and applications for their businesses, it is important to focus on best practices that will benefit your business and eradicate some highly limiting practices.

What business owners should know about project managers

When business owners want to launch a software or an application, they typically hire developers, designers, and writers. They share the idea behind the software or application with them. When the designers, developers, and others get to work and eventually develop the software and application, the projects often fail to scale and meet customer expectations.

Software and application development processes usually bring cross-teams of professionals together. The professional teams range from designers to developers and other creators. Bringing these cross-teams of professionals together is not a big challenge for most business owners. The real challenge is making them stick together and deliver on the project.

Project managers are the glue you need to fuse your cross-teams together to deliver excellent software and application to serve your customers.

Without a project manager, most business owners end up spending a significant part of their budgeted expenses on the project without achieving anything. These expenses, in most cases, are even more than enough to hire a project manager.

Business owners make the mistake of running software and application development projects without involving a project manager because they do not understand the importance of a project manager to the success of their project. There are many other benefits that hiring a project manager will bring to your next software project.

The important roles of project managers

Project managers essentially cover and manage the operational aspects of the software or application development process. They will act as the livewire and ensure that every person working on the project is well-aligned with the needs and the requirements. Then, they will ensure that they have all the necessary tools they need to work without hassles.

The project manager will also perform other administrative tasks, make reports, and ensure that the management processes are well spelled out to help the team collaborate on delivering a high-quality product.

Think of a project manager as a conductor in an orchestra. Each member of the orchestra is uniquely talented. Still, without clear instructions from the project manager, they may play out of tune and put a dent in the orchestra’s performance.

The role of project managers also covers:

  • Merging project objectives with clear strategic objectives for each team member working on the project.
  • Planning project timelines and determining the schedule from iteration to launch. This requires a careful process that centers on the team’s capabilities while considering risks and other factors that may affect their performances too.
  • Ensuring that each team member works with deliverables that match business needs.
  • Position the team to work towards defined objectives for the software or application with set milestones to measure progress.
  • Effectively communicate with everyone involved in the project, from the project owner to the different professionals, to limit the chances of misunderstanding technical jargon and ensure clear interpretation of project requirements.
  • Saving time, saving money, and handling other necessities so that the business owner can focus on other important aspects of their business.


Working together to achieve maximum output is fundamental to the success of the software or application. Only a project manager can guarantee the synergy between different talented professionals and direct them to utilize their best talents to deliver a high-quality product for your business.