In the First honey, Sechenovskiy University, said farewell to the deceased from the coronavirus Dr Sali Otravitel Giorgadze. He was the chief medical officer – Deputy chief doctor at the University clinical hospital No. 4 of medical. He was 67 years old. And he could stay in the period of the pandemic at home, but chose to be with the team on the front.

About his medical intuition was legendary. He could feel and notice what was hidden from others. He didn’t have the weekend. Patients and colleagues called him at any time of the day. He never refused help. He loved people, loved his work.

Helped to cope with the coronavirus to many patients, even the Deputy mufti of Russia Rafik Fattahetdinov. Laid out at 100%. But you have to fight a dangerous infection no strength left. His heart stopped on May 9.

About everyone’s favorite, “dear Zaliko” as to the last, the doctors fought for his life, told us his colleagues and friends.

In the morgue, where he was parting with Saali Otravitel, was allowed to come only two doctors from each Department of his native UKB No. 4. These were mainly heads and senior nurses offices. But learning on the channels about parting with “Zaliko”, the last bow he came to give many of his former colleagues.

Roses, lilies, carnations sent those who worked with him in the 61st hospital when Sauli Georgadze was a resident, and then as head of coronary care. There were many wreaths from colleagues from other hospitals, from its current residents.

All wore masks, gloves. Many had not seen for 10-20 years. And hugging was impossible. As it was impossible to touch a dear friend of Sauli of Talevich.

Not being able to the epidemic of the coronavirus to come and personally say goodbye to a colleague, the doctors wrote him notes, putting them in bouquets.

Held a memorial service. The priest from the Donskoy monastery looked like the doctor in “red” zone, was in a protective white suit, over which was wearing a cross.

Speaking through a mask, participants recalled what they remembered of Saali Talevich.

liked him for His generosity and kindness. Considered the sun the 61st hospital (which later became the University clinical hospital №4). Everyone who comes there, after graduation, was warmed by its rays. Many “fledgling” of residents he “put on the wing.”

I remember, as he collected our office in residency at the 61st hospital. Said he was offered the position of Deputy chief doctor at the hospital asked what we think about this? Consulted with the team, as a family, – tells Karina Oganesyan, now head of the therapeutic Department of the UKB No. 4. We, of course, upset. He was an excellent head of Department, doctor very knowledgeable and understanding leader. But also happy for him, thenthat such professional had to grow.

Karine Hovhannisyan was fortunate to work with Dr. Giorgadze 25 years.

– In my memory in the hospital was replaced by 5 or 6 doctors. And they all left as their “right hand”, his Deputy, Saali of Talevich. Came a new team. And he was. Was a “buffer” between senior leaders and staff. Did not give doctors the offense, defended each employee.

About Saali Giorgadze said: “He is in his place.”

It was also a chief medical officer, the Deputy chief doctor on medical part, says his colleague Peter Kochetkov. He has always made every effort that the patient who needs specialized care, as quickly as possible was transferred to the UKB No. 4, where he worked. So he quickly began to assist. It was a highly professional doctor, a wonderful organizer, very sensitive and kind person.

Colleagues called him Zaliko, a diminutive name, kind, family style.

– and said, “Zalik said, Zalik asked to do.” But officially, of course, refer to him by name, says Karina Oganesyan. He was very outgoing, loved to make a meal, we are always very warmly congratulated its employees with birthday, retired. He was able to create a team where there was no fighting, no swearing, no podsazhivanie. Those who due to life circumstances, was forced to go to other hospitals, said that a peace group, they have not found anywhere else.

Saali of Talevich was not the weekend. Colleagues knew that he could call any time, day, evening or night, and to consult about management of the difficult patient.

We called him when we needed help us, our families or our patients. God knows, he never turned anyone away. Was a support for all with whom he worked.

the Doctor-gastroenterologist, hepatologist Igor Tikhonov recalls how he met Sauli Otravitel when they went to the village of Sechenovo, home of Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov, whose name was given to them by the University.

– I Never would have thought that Sauli Talevich holds the post of Deputy chief doctor, – says Igor Tikhonov. – I immediately noted his modesty, tact, equal treatment of younger friend.

Who I was for him? Not previously familiar to the young doctor. But I was immediately flattered by his kind and sincere attitude. It was a real Georgian character with all the typical Georgians openness, kindness, hospitality and such a nice accent.

I would equate the name of Sali of Talevich to the word “responsiveness”. Then, a couple months later, my mom needed help at the hospital where he worked, he fixed the problem literally in one day, one h��with! Many of these chiefs are willing to spend time with almost strangers? But Saali Talevich was not the boss, not official, and above all a Man. A real humanist and physician. Happy those whom he taught, brought up, who worked with him side by side for many years.

“Tired of being between heaven and earth”

Colleagues say that Saali Talevich not worked in the “red zone”, the administration was in the “green zone”.

But it was when the hospital opened the hospital. Explained how to take smears, went to the intensive care unit, says Karina Oganesyan. We also used to go, we have consulted our relevant patients. And now there is only allowed for intensive care.

the Insidiousness of the “green zone”, according to Dr. hovanesian, is that many feel safe in it, begin to “rassegnata”, eating without masks, without gloves, without costumes. And nobody knows in this situation, who is healthy and who has not.

– A to Seali Atkiewicz still many came with their questions. He has advised, helped. It was an absolutely faultless man. His family was medical, his wife’s gynecologist, the daughter – the student of our University. It is impossible now to understand where he might be infected.

Feeling ill, Dr. Giorgadze called, has warned colleagues that he had a temperature of 38, and he will rest at home. All agreed that he had SARS, and he’d really rather be home.

– First, it wasn’t all bad, he had KT-1 pneumonia with a light degree of damage. But when the disease was delayed, the administration has insisted on his hospitalization. No one thought that he is so will worsen the condition. We have patients with CT-3 (lung lesion, when there is sealing of the lung tissue by the type of frosted glass in combination with foci of consolidation. – Ed.). They lay quietly recovering.

When the doctor Georgadze was losing saturation, it was decided to transfer to another hospital, which also refers to the Sechenovskiy University. And immediately placed in the intensive care unit.

– When he was transported to the ambulance, were taken away from the Department, he was with an oxygen mask, in the mind. Said: “This is a one-way trip,” says Karina Oganesyan. All who stood in the corridor, burst into tears. The day before transfer to another hospital, I visited him in the ward, he said, “I’m so tired, I between heaven and earth, I can’t fight this anymore, would rather either one or the other”. I even began to speak: “who are you leaving us? You – our dear chief medical officer!”

may 9, Dr. Giorgadze did not.

“It’s a disease that if you take on the man, holding him tight.”

Colleagues refuse to believe that Sauli of Talevich no longer alive. ��now, only he had a medical. Patients told him “thank you” for saving my life. So is the Deputy mufti of Russia Rafik Fattahetdinov in the video on the YouTube channel “Muslims of Russia” has expressed gratitude to the doctors and personally to Dr. Giorgadze, who helped him cope with coronavirus pneumonia. In the University clinical hospital No. 4, he spent several weeks.

“Many people helped, and the “burned out” – tell colleagues.

Because all the staff Chechenskogo University, was not allowed in the morgue at parting, at the request of doctors, the coffin of Dr. Giorgadze was brought by hearse to his home University clinical hospital No. 4.

– took To the streets all employees, in robes, wearing masks. Stood, met a car drove up with flashing lights, – tells Karina Oganesyan. The hearse stopped, opened the door. The coffin in terms of sanaperheita was closed. Everything came to a standstill. A minute of silence in memory of Sali of Talevich.

amid ominous silence in a voice cried the doctor’s wife. Turning to the coffin, said, “Look, Zalik, you got to spend the whole hospital.” Then all present burst into tears. Thanking the staff for their good attitude to Saali Atkiewicz, his wife, in tears, asked the doctors: “Why, you didn’t save him?”

– All froze. It was very hard. I’ll be honest, sometimes that is not enough some medications. But here you have everything you need. In order to bring up Saali of Talevich, had done everything possible and impossible. Gathered a Council of professors. He was constantly watching the chief freelance pulmonologist of Ministry of health Sergey Avdeev. Yes, he had pressure and hypertension, but there were no aggravating diseases. I don’t know what went wrong…

Doctors say that put on the legs of patients who are at 80-85 years. Recently, for example, on April 20, they were discharged from the hospital a patient with three stents in the heart, had a heart attack. But that will soon lose its only Saali of Talevich, anybody and could not think.

– you can’t say that it is not saved, – said Petr Kochetkov, “peaceful” life – head loratdaine and pandemic – head of infectious disease Department of the hospital. – I worked several hours a day in intensive care, where Saali Talevich. Did patients with a tracheotomy. Seen the dynamics of his condition. Attention to it as to the patient, was very close. He was assisted by the best scientific experts Sechenovka.

Next was a team of pulmonologists, head of the intensive care and other specialists. When his treatment was involved all the currently known drugs. Everything he received. As, however, and other patients. There is generally very strong��I resuscitation. Just, unfortunately, that such a disease that if you take the man, holding him tight. In this case, the disease was stronger than all of us.

Colleagues say that I read the statistics on the ventilator, considered the risks, but hoped for a miracle… the Miracle did not happen.

“I miss you, dad. Love you with all my heart. I think you should become a guardian angel for someone, so you had to leave. Look from heaven at me, you’d be proud of me,” wrote in the comments in the social network his daughter Katie.

the name of the doctor Georgadze included in the “memory List” of physicians who died in the pandemic from the coronavirus. Every day there are more and more names.

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