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Before "defeated the chieftains dispersed to the Governor and the Pacific their campaign ended", there existed a kind of mysterious far Eastern Republic. About it tells the journalist Vladimir Mamontov
About the roots and the coronavirus, the Harvard and the Afghan war, about telesave and working in the Russian regions. The journalist of "the Motherland" Vladimir Nordvik talks with well-known pediatrician and a popular TV presenter Andrey Prodeusa
One of the terrible consequences of war and infectious disease. After the great Patriotic war the sanitary-epidemiological units of the Soviet Union traveled to the areas of the epidemics in Poland and in China. This assistance to tell children very young then Ada Kulchitskaya
Before the revolution, women were prevented from listening to University lectures, but only as an exception and without the ability to pass exams and get a diploma. The requirement of equality for women education was the leading one of the first slogans of the women's movement
March 7, 1960, American helicopter pilots noticed in the open sea semiflooded barge on which people lay. The rescued people were brought aboard the carrier. They said that they do not need anything but fuel and food, and that they will get home. Soviet sailors had been at sea for 49 days without food and water
May 9, 1960 at the Piskarevskoye cemetery was opened a memorial complex. In the center - a six-meter monument to Motherland, which became a symbol lived through the Leningrad tragedy. Sculptor Vera Isaeva did not live to see its opening just a few days
In the late Soviet regime "leap year" was pretty important mythological concept. There was a group of "Leap year," was a novel, if I'm not mistaken, a Soviet writer, anyway... About the extra day of the year reflects journalist, writer and publisher Boris Minaev

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