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The prohibition to charge a fee will also apply to fines and penalties charged for late payment of the utilities bills
The government has extended the possibility of restructuring with state aid mortgage loans for certain categories of citizens who find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Now this can be done until the end of 2020
To go out for payment ZHKU in cash is not worth it. Moreover, many Bank branches, settlement centres and cash management companies now on the weekends
In the regions began to disinfect the entrances of apartment buildings. Because the law is not provided, questions arise, for example, at whose expense all this to do. The correspondent "RG" was apprised of the situation
The supplier and the organization appealed to the government with a warning. According to them, in the near future, the collection rate for the "communal" fall from 95-96% to 25-30%. The reason for this, in particular, will be imposed by the authorities, the moratorium on penalties for late payment of utility services and contributions for the overhaul.The utilities believe that consumers will perceive the information about the cancellation penalties as the signal: in the context of a pandemic can cease to pay the bills and it will be nothing. What if the government, heeding the threats of resursnogo, play it back, return the penalties for non-payment and will need to knock out the tenants every penny?
Deputy Moscow mayor for housing, utilities and amenities Pyotr Biryukov told reporters that the hotel burning private nursing homes will be transferred to other pensions
The government will support reoperation on municipal solid waste management in connection with increasing of volumes of exported waste. The money is to be allocated to the regions, said the office of the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko
The government submitted to the state Duma a bill to reduce the size of fees for municipal services provided to people with disabilities. The document suggests that in the case of reducing the quality of public services, will need to recalculate
The Cabinet announced new measures to support households and businesses in terms of negative impact on the economy of the coronavirus. They concern in particular utilities, health insurance, and licenses
The government since the signing of the relevant resolution until the end of the year will cancel the charging citizens penalties for unpaid utilities. This was reported by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
The charging of fees for municipal services, regulations may change in favor of the inhabitants of the calculation method for the method of analogues. The draft amendments to the Housing code about it to the state Duma
Safe conditions for living in an apartment house should provide control of the organization. Their duties include the carrying out of works for disinfection of the common property for the destruction of infectious agents
Some of the entrances appeared which stated that in the outbreak of viral infections in the next 10 days in an apartment will be sanitized. Whether to believe this information?
Even in the current difficult situation, all the life support systems of Moscow continue to function as a clock. About how during high alert, the city has retained a high level of comfort, "RG" said Deputy mayor for housing Pyotr Biryukov
In the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing and communal services told, for whose account disinfected entrances in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, and for any scenario of housing and communal services can become more expensive
Changed the order of registration and renewal of subsidies for payment for housing and communal services. To them will be easier - changing the list of required documents. Those who receive payments now, they will be extended automatically
The introduction of the regime of self-isolation leads to a reduction of water consumption overall, but to increase water bills from the public. Water consumption by citizens has started to rise due to the relocation of residents on the remote work, as well as more frequent hand washing
The Ministry has developed a list of measures to support housing and communal services. The proposed moratorium on off utilities in case of non-payment, and cancellation penalties for late payment of utility services
Sergei Sobyanin has decided to cancel the contributions for the repair of Muscovites from April 1 to June 30. In addition, betting offices, totalizators and betting shops, according to the decree of the mayor should suspend work until further notice
In Moscow on the morning of Saturday was General cleaning of streets, the first after winter. And then in the afternoon the roads treated with disinfectants, and the procedure for the first time will be held in the city's history
In the state Duma introduced a bill changing the procedure for calculation of fees for municipal services according to the standards. It is proposed to calculate the standards are not calculation method, and the method of analogues
The Russians were almost 40% less likely to contact goszeminspektsii. In 2019, the Supervisory authority received on 200 thousand less complaints than the previous year. The peak cases were recorded in 2016, when did the 2.4 million complaints
Disputes over payment and utilities, as well as for repairs of housing often overshadow the communication of tenants with apartment owners. The experts gave advice on how to avoid such disagreements
Federal cadastral chamber Rosreestr together with launched an updated online service "Public cadastral map". Using the interactive map and can obtain public information from state register of real estate
Mass replacement of energy meters are prepared, from 1 July this year they will pay for installation of these metering devices. But until the summer they are campaigning to change the counters yourself
To introduce a special procedure for recovery of debts for utility services the Ministry offers. It is expected that management companies and service providers will be able to specify the data documents resident when applying to the court
Repair is a difficult time for homeowners. The repair of the house can become a disaster with no end in sight. Tips on how to avoid it, I shared on "a Business Breakfast" in "RG" the Director General of the Fund of capital repairs of apartment houses of Moscow Arthur Keskinov
The address of management companies complain of high temperature in the apartments. If to install special equipment, residents do not have to pay for paratope as this spring
The head of the faction "United Russia" in the state Duma Sergei Neverov has denied media reports about the negative consequences in case of adoption of law about a ban of commissions on utility bills. "That is because a marginal level of growth of payment for utilities is limited", - he noted
Today, for subsidies to pay for housing people should not have public debt. Now it is proposed to consider only the debt generated over the past three years and confirmed by the court
Management companies are going to ban to negotiate with the collectors on the subject of repayment of debts for utilities. A bill to prohibit the conclusion of such contracts submitted to the Duma. A direct ban is an important social value, according to the developers
The occupants of the old "homes with history" began to come impossibly accounts with the requirement to pay contributions to the Fund overhaul, many times exceeding the approved standard. For example, in Kostroma the owner of 33 square meters offered to pay for December, more than 15 thousand rubles

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