the Kremlin has addressed to Russians with an appeal for COVID-19

Dynamics of the number of people infected with coronavirus says that Russians are "not time to relax, unwind and take to the streets". About it the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday, commenting on the growth in the number of people infected over the past day.

In Russia there was a unique patient with coronavirus

The doctor Alexander Myasnikov said in the program “Thank you, doctor!” on YouTube that met the unique patient with a coronavirus. “The patient can sit and talk, and his oxygen saturation 46%,” — said Myasnikov. He noted that prior to this he had never seen a living person with such saturation, as 70% and below are intoniruet.

In Russia, marked the worst day on the infected for a day

The number of patients with the new coronavirus in Russia per day increased to 7099 people, to 106 498 infected. It is reported by Telegram-channel operational staff. Before the growth of the patients ranged 5841 people. The day before new patients were 6411, even the day before – 6198. At 39.9% of the new infected, no clinical manifestations of the disease.

, Muscovites will have a new duty

According to the Deputy chief of the Metropolitan development client services and working with passengers Temnikova Yulia, wearing masks on the subway in Moscow can become mandatory, if the requirement of the CPS. While Temnikova said that, if it obtained the injunction on the introduction of additional security measures, it will be executed.

Scientists have named a new deadline of the end of the epidemic in Russia

Scientists from Singapore University of technology and design (SUTD) has adjusted its forecast for the end of the epidemic of a novel coronavirus in Russia. On their website it is indicated that one hundred percent of the epidemic will be over by August 4. According to the model, for 97 percent of the epidemic will be over by may 23, 99 per cent by 1 June.