– the preparation for the new school year. I hope that the epidemiological situation will allow us to open schools, to hold the line. All requirements of CPS will be considered to best protect our children and teachers, – said Sergey Kravtsov.

According to the Minister, before the beginning of the school year, all schools will be disinfected, to be organized by the call center on all issues related to the education organization.

I Want to stress that we are talking about the traditional, classical form. We are not planning to introduce distance learning, – said Sergey Kravtsov. – With all its pros remote form, we consider only as a Supplement, as new opportunities for teachers and students.

This also applies to so-called “Digital educational environment”, which in September will be implemented in the regions.

In this project we plan to provide to schools, the Wi-Fi in order to enable children to use proven content in the learning process. But again, only in the form of a Supplement, not a substitute for school education, – said Sergey Kravtsov.

in addition, from September 1, according to the instructions of the President, student leaders will be paid monthly to 5 thousand rubles, while maintaining all regional benefits.

Also in the regions will be organized free hot meals for pupils in elementary school.

Also at the briefing, the Minister said that the limitations due to the pandemic has not led to a deterioration of the results of the exam this year. Concerns related to the fact that there will be gaps in pupils ‘ knowledge, did not materialize. Moreover, compared with previous years, the average exam scores-2020 has increased.

Today we can say that the exam went as objectively as possible, no leaks in the exam material was not, – said Sergey Kravtsov. We compared the average exam for the year 2020 with the average scores for subjects in the period from 2016 to 2019. The results of the unified state examination are valid for 4 years, so this is totally a representative sample. It can be concluded: all concerns about the failure to prepare children for the exam has not been confirmed.

According to the Minister, the time of the exam has been defined correctly: outbreaks of disease during the exam is not allowed. All-time distance learning educational process did not stop even for a moment. It is primarily the merit of the teachers.