the pandemic was canceled almost 50% of long-distance trains, but transport volumes are recovering at a rapid pace. The schedule has returned many routes, and will soon resume running or increase the frequency of more than 160 trains, including high-speed “Sapsan”, “swift” and “Swallow”.

the Current level of biological security in trains experts estimate as high. Traditionally, strict sanitary measures on the railway during the period of the pandemic COVID-19 have been strengthened. So, wagons are disinfected before flight, in the way cleaning is carried out in them four times a day, the conductors wear masks, and passengers, as the staff trains twice a day, measure the temperature.

– Our work during a pandemic is based on advance algorithms used, – told correspondent “RG” in the Federal service. – In conjunction with the medical and passenger service of JSC “Russian Railways” we spend a complex of preventive measures to minimize epidemiological risk COVID-19.

For disinfection of cars before the flight and a four-time daily cleaning use special detergent with broad spectrum of antimicrobial action. They passed an additional examination of the safety and efficacy of the all-Russian research Institute of railway hygiene (of vniizhg) of the CPS.

– These tools are safe to humans, as the number of disinfecting substances does not exceed norm, – explained in the CPS.

it is Known that the coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets. The trains its distribution highly complicated, because for a decade they set a system of air disinfection, destroy bacteria and viruses. This method the experts call one of the most effective.

– the air disinfection System installed in trains in accordance with the sanitary rules, – says head of the laboratory of the municipal hygiene and epidemiology of VNIIG, doctor of medical Sciences Jeanne Ovechkin. – They sterilize the recirculating air, inactivating (depriving activity – Approx. “RG”) at least 95% of bacteria and viruses. The use of UV lamps poses no threat to human health, as are devices of the closed type. Besides, they are installed in the ceiling, that is the disinfection of the air that circulates through the ducts, and then returned to the car.

Conductors and passengers still need to wear masks and handle hands with antiseptic. And the most important is to prevent the train of the sick with coronavirus human. To do this, at the initiative of Rospotrebnadzor before boarding the train and at least two times a day in the path of the conductors contactless thermometer to measure the temperature of passengersru body. And in regions where no restrictions have been removed, and even when exiting at your terminal station.

non-contact thermometer is able to detect infrared radiation of a person and record the indicators at a safe distance. Their health checked before leaving for the flight. The frequency of measurements recommended by doctors and depends on the distance you travel.

– If some of the passengers will get sick or has a fever, he was immediately isolated and the nearest station to it will cause physicians, explains Jeanne Ovechkin. But we see that the level of incidence is reduced. Had already a large number of people, including many developed immunity.

“Staggered” Seating is saved in the dining cars, since the meal cannot be masked. But when you allow the epidemiological situation, these restrictions will also be removed.

Preventive measures have been taken and railway stations. Regulate their regulations published by hassenbrook of the Russian Federation and the main hassenbrook on railway transport of the Russian Federation. So, the buildings were inflicted outdoor layout and posted reminders on compliance with sanitary norms and remind you on speakerphone.

Rospotrebnadzor said that stations regularly air and clean all the rooms. Pay special attention to items that passengers contact: doorknobs, railings, handrails, armrests seats and so on.

the security check points there are disposable bags for the passengers ‘ personal belongings and the rooms a long rest is given a disposable linen. Also installed dispensers with antiseptics and established sale of PPE.

All the measures adequate to the epidemiological situation and understanding are perceived by the passengers, assured in the CPS.

In the period of the pandemic, the Agency sent the railroad more than 90 different documents, including 8 resolutions of the chief of hessenbruch on rail transport of the Russian Federation, which provides sanitary-epidemiological safety. However, passengers should not forget that under suspicious symptoms should go to the doctor and postpone the trip, so as not to endanger themselves and others.

– trip, it is necessary to wash hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds and use antibacterial wipes and gels, advises Jeanne Ovechkin. – It is important to keep drinking regime. On the road you can take bottled water and often drink it. Everyone has their own need, but to moisten the mucosa, it is necessary to drink at least 1.5-2 litres of water a day, especially on the road.

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