The spread of the coronavirus in Russia remains, says infectious disease specialist Vladimir closets. Therefore, participation in rallies, he warned, could lead to an even greater number of cases. According to him, the second wave of the infection will depend on whether citizens comply with all security measures.

Russia still remains the risk of the spread of the coronavirus, so citizens should continue to observe personal safety measures and following sanitary rules. This was stated by chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of health on infectious diseases Vladimir closets.

“While we are daily reported number of new cases in some regions is still growing morbidity, and this means that there is a risk of infection. In order to consolidate the positive momentum we need to continue to follow the simple rules of prevention of transmission, chief among which is the use of masks in public places”, — the words of an expert was given on the website of the Ministry of health.

“Any public gatherings, including protest demonstrations and performances, create ideal conditions for the rapid spread of the virus,” — said the expert of the Ministry.

“Very alarming, the epidemic situation in some countries such as the US and India, is a consequence of failure to comply with simple measures of preventing respiratory infections,” — said he, stressing that the risks of infection “significantly reduces” the wearing of masks in public places.

He also highlighted three factors that influence the occurrence of the second wave of the virus spread: the source of infection for susceptible organism and the conditions for the transmission of coronavirus infection. The expert has noticed that the emergence of the second wave depends on how citizens comply with all recommendations of experts: wearing masks, frequent hand washing and observance of social distance and isolation of cases.

Meanwhile, in the Kremlin hope that in Russia the second wave of the disease in the early stages will not. Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov noted that a positive dynamics of reducing the number of people diagnosed with the coronavirus, gives hope for a favorable outcome.

“Everyone who speaks of it professionally, take the Moscow mayor [Sergei] Sobyanin, head of Deputy Prime Minister [Tatiana] Golikova, who head the relevant divisions of the crisis staff, they say that while the dynamics of the reduction in the number of cases seemed to suggest that some of acute manifestations in the future we will be able to avoid it”, — quotes words of the representative of the Kremlin “vestige”.

D��nny time in Russia is revealed more than thousand 727 cases of coronavirus. Most of them 501 thousand recovered. Died of disease 11 335 patients in whom the virus caused complications.

As for the US, there is the situation with coronavirus is more complicated. Only in the United States revealed nearly 3.3 million people with coronavirus. Recovered 1.5 million people, 137 631 patient died. In the United States expect that in 2-3 weeks the country will see an increase in deaths from a new type of infection. This was stated by the assistant Minister of health of the country by Brett Giroir.

“We expect that the number of deaths will increase. If more cases, more hospitalizations, then Yes, we will see it within two or three weeks before this (situation) will unfold”, he said in the TV channel ABC.

According to Giroir, currently the effectiveness of treatment of patients are higher than they were at the initial stage of the epidemic. He noted that experts have practiced the techniques, and there are other drugs, such as Ramaswamy and steroids.

The us official also expressed the view that in the United States the reality the second wave of coronavirus remains. It is assumed that it will occur in the fall, because “90% of the population have not been affected.” Giroir stressed that the authorities are trying to prevent the imposition of the spread of the coronavirus in seasonal flu.

India is in fourth place in the ranking by the number of recorded cases of coronavirus. In this country almost 879 thousand tests for the virus were positive. Recovered more than 554 thousand, died 23 186 patients.