on 15 June, as planned, all regions will be able to issue certificates. Each student whose grades meet, get your Ged, and we’ll see to that, – said at a briefing in “Interfax” the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov.

According to him, the exam will start on June 29 with the mock exam, which will be held without children to practice all the technology. And on July 3 the exam will already be graduates. And only those guys, which exam is required for admission to universities. According to estimates, the exam will take 640 thousand graduates this year.

the Minister described the measures adopted in the recommendations of the CPS for all regions. At the entrance to the paragraphs of the exam will measure the temperature, the organizers are not older than 65 years. Exam participants should sit at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

– required as will be handling the hands and the wearing of masks by the organizers of the exam, – said Sergey Kravtsov. Is the requirement for students to wear masks and gloves depends on the situation in the region. Closer to the exams, all will be discussed. Today there is no requirement to wear masks for the examinations only for the organizers. Upon detection of high temperature thermometry, the issue will be resolved on the spot. Increased the number of backup days, so you can come back in a day. And the decision August. Those who come to deliver in August, will have time to do that.

What with the holidays and salaries of teachers, who will work on the exam? “All the issues associated with the holidays, worked out, – said the Minister. Someone comes back from the holidays, there will be additional surcharge. If questions remain, you need to contact the Ministry, we’ll take a question on control.”

Also Sergey Kravtsov expressed the hope that schools, kindergartens, colleges and technical schools will be opened in face-to-face format on 1 September. There will be certain requirements of the CPS. It was decided to carry out diagnostics of pupils ‘ knowledge at the beginning of the next school year: for the control do not exhibit evaluation. Already developed methodological support to students, to fill knowledge gaps.

Also on behalf of the President, the Ministry of education together with teachers and experts will explore the introduction of training courses in the field of genetics for students.

– In this area many studies have been conducted. We support the interest of students in this direction. Discuss with teachers, teachers with specialists who develop educational content, how to teach genetics. Whether it’s in the school curriculum or as a selective course, – said Sergey Kravtsov. – After discussion we will take the most effective decision.