The election commissions of Belarus has completed the reception of signatures for nominating candidates for the presidency.

Earlier on overcoming 100-th threshold, said incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko and former Chairman of the Board of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, who many call the main rival of Lukashenko, he is a suspect.

On Thursday, he was arrested and placed in jail. The CEC of Belarus noted that the presence of the candidate on a post of the President in jail will not prevent him from running. On Friday in the Belarusian cities resumed protests. Judging by the video in social networks and telegram channels, people took to the streets in Minsk, Bobruisk, Mogilev and Lida.

Business FM learned that think about the situation of the locals. Here is what says the resident of Minsk Eugene.

“A tunnel under Babariko. Of course, this Angers people who dislike the main candidate. The same as it was before that Tikhanovski. These are all predictable events. How are people reacting to this? Probably on the rise. I know many people who do not accept the idea Tikhanovski, or Babariko they don’t like. But it outweighs, when it comes to the fact that something can be done to power is not happy, and strained more and more. Now people in the confusion of such a plan, what to do? All the candidates are so inept that just not for anyone. Not just go — so that your vote will go to someone you know. Come and spoil — also go to someone you know. It is necessary to do so to at least not play again on the pitch — as far as I can judge by the reactions of people who go to vote. Basically, to go vote want to, perhaps, maximum people”.

Arthur from Vitebsk said that the country does not believe the accusations against Babariko.

“Yesterday I was driving home from work and noticed that there are people in the chain. I already knew that Babariko detained. Guessed that it was a kind of protest. Of course, this is outrageous. The fact that we are talking to state television, no one believes that Babariko some millions, banks. Of course, where else can be money except in a Bank. Such a man as Babariko in principle understand where he was going. If he was some kind of a not very good mark, he would know that it will find and unwind. Except Russia, I think, by and large there is no one to help him.”

A resident of the city of Lida in Grodno region Yulik doubt that the people of Belarus will vote for Lukashenko.

“We just get scared: if the President does it with his candidates, he can do more with the people. We certainly understand that the country is more or less normal. But I work in a factory, get 600 Belarusian roubles, such money, to be honest. Many of my friends work from private owners and get a lot more heat the state provides, and thus work less. I vote I’m going to put for Babariko because my friend and read about it. This is a very good man with good prospects, a person, especially a good portfolio. I don’t think most people will vote for Lukashenka, because almost all the people I know speak negatively about it. My colleagues at work were discussing a topic that perhaps he wants to create a dynasty in our country”.

Earlier the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the authorities were able to thwart a large-scale plan to destabilize the country by “foreign puppeteers”. The Belarusian leader said after the arrest of the candidate for presidency of Belarus, former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko, who is in jail.