The leader of group “the dune” Victor Rybin and his wife, singer Natalia Senchukova told about the attitude to the financial issues that surprised and troubled many fans a few weeks ago.

Caring people volunteered to help when the couple reported that in a pandemic they first left 31 thousand rubles, and then a thousand. However, fish and Senchukova rescued friends. As things stand now, the star couple told reporters.

In an interview with the performers admitted that they did not expect the coming of the effect, when were you gonna tell us about the problem of money. Earlier Rybin said that the problem with the Finance tied to an expensive hobby, but now the couple stated that he had purchased a few weeks ago three new songs went all out.

“But after some time, of course, came the salary, it’s not as critical as it might seem, the statement quoted the couple “StarHit”. When people have a hundred rubles remains here is terrible — and the state has to decide something, to help.”

Senchukova and Rybin understand that everything in the current conditions is difficult, and the world of showbiz will be restored last.

“We are humbled: come what may, – spouses speak. But even speech is not about how to sell a house or car.” The pair are ready to leave the ship, but doubts that someone will buy it at the moment. “The main thing now — health, – said the artists. – We have friends who have died from the coronavirus, that’s really scary.”