Cannabis is legal in various countries such as Canada and individual US states. The traffic light government is also planning this in Germany. First details are already known. Now the federal cabinet wants to take the next step. But even before the implementation, pharmacists warn against legalization.

This Wednesday, the federal cabinet will deal with the planned legalization of cannabis in Germany. It is not yet about a specific legislative procedure, but initially about the adoption of so-called key points, i.e. the basic features of the project. But resistance to legalization is already growing. Ironically, the pharmacists concerned warn Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) against the implementation and criticize the project.

The key issues paper presented by Lauterbach and agreed internally within the government provides, among other things, that the sale of cannabis in “licensed specialist shops” from the age of 18 and possibly in pharmacies should be made possible. But the doctors are skeptical.

“The Drug Commission of German Pharmacists has spoken out clearly against the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes and has warned of the health risks of cannabis consumption,” Thomas Preis, head of the North Rhine-Westphalia Association of Pharmacists, told the “Rheinische Post”.

Price is particularly critical of the expected “competitive situation with purely commercial providers”. In addition, the pharmacists consider themselves to be experts in this respect, “on the other hand, pharmacists are healthcare professionals” – a professional conflict, according to the medical expert’s assessment.

In his statements, pharmacist boss Preis simultaneously puts pressure on the legalization brakes. He says: “We do not expect a quick implementation of a legislative procedure. Because the biggest hurdle remains international and EU law”.

The Bavarian state government reiterated its criticism of the project of the traffic light coalition. “The legalization plans of the federal government are not only a dangerous signal for Germany, but also for the whole of Europe,” said the Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Wednesday). “Cannabis has a strong mood and perception-changing effect ‘ he warned.

Consumption harbors “significant and sometimes irreversible health and social risks”. Holetschek also expressed the fear that legalization in Germany would also attract cannabis fans from other European countries. “Therefore, the federal government must ensure that no incentives are created for drug tourism to Germany.”

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