The fourth wife of the actor of Michael Efremova Kseniya Kachalina said that they shared a daughter, Anna Maria Ephraim will be glad, if father sent to jail and her mother is in a psychiatric hospital. Thus she reacted to the news that she intends to become her guardian and recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

Earlier, 19-year-old heiress to the actor said that it intends to become the guardian of his mother and recover from alcohol and drug addiction, since the perpetrator in a fatal accident father will not be able to help her, as it was before the tragedy. Between family members facing difficult relationships, and, according to the fourth wife of the artist, the idea of her daughter as “full of nonsense”.

“And more my daughter wants nothing? Today she writes about guardianship, tomorrow that she’s a lesbian, the day after tomorrow something else will come up. While she was alive her grandmother Alla Pokrovskaya (the mother of Ephraim, theatre teacher), Anna Maria, at least someone listened, and now does what she pleases.

he Wants to put his father in jail, mother was in a psychiatric hospital. Here we have a sweet girl” she said in a telephone conversation with the journalist of the edition.

Kachalina said that her daughter was angry at the fact that she pays no attention to her antics. In her opinion, of great importance in the case of Anna Maria has her zodiac sign.

“a Daughter is a Libra, and 90 percent of its words are fantasy and adventure,” she said.

Speaking about his mental health, Kachalina believes that it is not really healthy, but “in the range of permissibility”. She said that recently was tested for drugs and the result was negative.

“I don’t like the drugs. Tried before but didn’t like. Why would they when I have a bottle of good champagne,” said the actress, calling bullshit rumors that she was using LSD.

Speaking about the possible dependence of Ephraim, it expressed the opinion that the former husband had the right to resort to illegal substances just for the sake of pain relief.

“He’s a very sick man and experiencing great pain due to severe asthma. I think that during the asthma attack he committed this deadly turn. Although asthma cannot be using drugs,” said Kachalina.

Then the actress, answering the question, Lee came to her Anna Maria after the tragedy with Ephraim, and if she has the desire to call my daughter, admitted that it was nothing like that.

“I’m not used to it anymore. Its morally crippled people whose names don’t want to call. She comes to the house where I live. Probably trying to find me at night on the streets of Moscow. I used to love to walk at night, and when there was a pandemic, then ceased — continued Kachalina. — Comply regime of self-isolation. In the grocery store go to the mask to ��e to provoke people and the police. Gloves, too, somewhere was. Me as neighbors for a thousand complaints wrote. If you see me without a mask, they will have a reason to send me to jail”.

Speaking about his feelings for Ephraim, she admitted that she loved him as an actor and Director, but as a man he does not cause her any feelings.

“don’t feel towards him nothing — no pain, no pity. But he’s a genius. Far above me as an actor. Spit when I played. And with disdain said I only movie. Then for him in the first place was a theater,” she said.

According to Ksenia, this tragedy has to happen to Ephraim, because God wants to get away from it all the seven deadly sins.

“Mike — Orthodox people, and their greatest court is the court of God,” she concluded.