The actor Nikita Vysotsky in an interview with the portal "StarHit" commented on the statement of the actor Stanislav Sadalsky, who criticized the renewed monument at the grave of the poet and singer Vladimir Vysotsky at the cemetery Vagankovsky.

the Son of Vysotsky cut off dad’s head ??With the living do not have time, but now — just in time for the 40th anniversary from the date of death — cut off the head of the monument on the grave. With a new head monument began at 30 cm below! Well, as you? View details on my YouTube channel “death mask of Vladimir Vysotsky”

Publish from Stas Sadalsky? (@stassadal) 23 Jul 2020 12:16 PDT

Earlier Sadalsky wrote on his instagram that the son of Vladimir Vysotsky "cut off the Pope’s head". According to him, with a new head monument "was thirty centimeters below".

"Now Sadalsky will uplasena, then someone else. Sadalsky, a serious man, but I, frankly, do not care about him. And his statements about me and the father", — said Vladimir Vysotsky, Jr.

Son of Vladimir Vysotsky noted that the monument was set 35 years ago. Then there were certain restrictions: the monument could be above 2.20 meters. Recently, a relative of Vladimir Vysotsky and the Creator of the monument Alexander Rukavishnikov has decided to do everything the way I wanted originally.

"Updated the monument looks different, but not bad: it became slightly higher, more zatonirovany in bronze, molded with a new head," he concluded.

Nikita Vysotsky added that it was pleased with the new monument and only regret that it was impossible previously to implement this idea.