Vyacheslav Butusov - about the album ChiaroScuro and life in isolation

“For me it opened a great world of classical music, as if I entered a huge cave with untold wealth, but you can take only what you can carry, and it must be a magic lamp… or the magic flute. On the one hand, there are more strict rules, on the other, the true freedom is the embodiment of musical ideas, told about the album, the title of which translates as “Chiaroscuro”, the Vyacheslav Butusov.

And answered questions of an observer of “RG” is not just about music.

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the story of the spread of coronavirus, the first such in the twenty-first century. Whether it is for us a warning sign or a test? Once in isolation, many of us realized that we are bored and anxious with myself – hollow and have nothing to do…

Vyacheslav Butusov: of Course, it is a warning, and the sign test. But all this is another call to repentance, which is a powerful way to correct and save the world. As he said to Saint Silouan: “If all men repented and kept the commandments of God, then heaven would be on earth, for the Kingdom of God is within us. The Kingdom of God is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit in heaven and on earth is The same.”

What these days is up to you and your family – wife, children?

Vyacheslav Butusov: Our life in a special way has not changed, especially mine – I’m a recluse and a homebody. Was less hassle associated with a narrow-minded and consumer troubles. More began to communicate, to converse on spiritual topics, read. In addition, now there is a Great post, and it confers even greater meaning. It is sometimes useful to stop and think: “Where and why am I going?”.

Now I pretty much reading from the Holy Scriptures. I listen to music appropriate – choral spirituals. And, of course, academic, as all the last three years. From time to time switch to classic rock, and more rarely – at the news. In addition I have a lot of parallel projects – a book, an Opera, pieces for the Quartet.

Now you are more attracted to painting or prose (Butusov draws, he also is the author of several fiction books – approx. ed.)? It’s not surprising that writers have not written anything about the situation in which the world is already four months?

Vyacheslav Butusov: Everything is already written, but the insights humanity is not in a hurry to do… as for me, I can write permanent: at some point I get the General picture, and then I can bring everything to a common denominator.

Group “Order of Glory” seems to have taken acceleration, the musicians in the great concert form. At what stage of the creative and Studio work to find you in pandemic?

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Vyacheslav Butusov: We are preparing a new program based on the album “Alleluia” in cooperation with the company “Power of Light”. They developed for us an amazing set design, which I had long dreamed of. In addition, 10 of April we released an album of contemporary classical music”, Claroscuro” with 12 pieces for piano, which were recorded by a brilliant pianist Ekaterina Mechetina.

Finish make an animated video for the song “Idiot” (just from the new album “Alleluia” – approx. ed.). And occasionally supported have isolated themselves soznatelof covered citizens musical shorts – various songs, which dictate the circumstances. Technically it is possible to do from home. But we also have a longstanding desire to perform military songs. And maybe we’ll have something ready for the Victory Day.

While you played an online concert, composed mainly of songs “Nautilus of Pompilius” and your solo projects. In this case, first fulfilled the world’s most famous song “elizobarra T. O. R. R.” I Chose it because of the lines “Freaks are going, their stops are sharpened to death… And yet in vain freaks step to me”? Decided to encourage viewers with the message that this trouble will be overcome?

Vyacheslav Butusov: Wanted to turn people into a sobering way. What’s more – to awaken the consciousness, that we all saw in saving the world, and not destructive. First of all, there was a desire to encourage people to encourage, support, something. We can do a musical way.

As we chose what to play? We have a canonical service songs, without which there is no concert. But it is equally important to present new material.

What book are you reading now?

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Vyacheslav Butusov: Read through the Gospels, the acts of the Apostles, is a worthy read for the time of Lent. Well, prayer.

Can you recommend three literary works, three films, and three music albums that will help us through a time of isolation, maximizing its own benefit and joy?

Vyacheslav Butusov: If you take fiction I can recall “the Ugly swans” Strugatsky, “the End of eternity” by Isaac ASIMOVA and “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

Movie – “the Destiny of man”, “Two Fedor” and “Forrest Gump.”

And the music was chosen to be such: I. S. Bach – “Goldberg Variations”, Pink Floyd album Wish You Were Here Physical Graffiti and Led Zeppelin.