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The constitutional court approved amendments to the Constitution, its counterpart a number of political, social and cultural norms. About why Russian education needs a new legislative regulation, "RG" said Nikolai Tsiskaridze
Among the amendments to the Constitution affecting the Outlook of Russians, 89 percent of respondents singled out the provision on the prevention of falsification of history. This is from a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion
The most important amendment that can be made to the Constitution, the majority of Russians believe that the consolidation of guarantees of accessibility and quality of care. The same conclusions follow from the opinion poll
The public chamber of the Russian Federation involved in the preparation process of voting on amendments to the Constitution. On Monday it has signed agreements with more than twenty public and non-profit organizations on the training of observers
Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On the appointment of a nationwide vote on the issue of approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation". The document comes into force from the day of its official publication
Vladimir Putin signed a decree on appointment of the voting day for amendments to the Constitution. The President held a meeting with CEC head Ella Pamfilova and stressed that the vote will take place if the situation permits: nothing is more important than the health and lives of citizens
The presence of limiting the number of terms, which can be elected President, is preferable for Russia to ensure the turnover of power. This was stated by Vladimir Putin
The working man is the basis of prosperity of any state and noted it in the Main law of Russia absolutely necessary. This was expressed by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Ivanovo public
Amendment to the Constitution related to God, just not under any threat to the secular character of the Russian Federation. So says the sociologist, theologian, head of the center for the study of problems of religion and society Institute of Europe RAS Roman Lunkin
The updated Constitution should unite people regardless of their political views, income, place of residence, nationality and religion. This was stated by the President at a meeting with leaders of Duma factions in the Kremlin
One of the most interesting and important amendments to the Constitution is amendment of the Russian language. That it will not prejudice the native languages of the peoples of Russia and why it is needed, in principle, "RG" discusses with leading experts on national politics
The state Duma Committee supported the President's proposed entry into force of the bill on amendments to the Constitution. They are considered approved if they made more than half of Russian citizens who took part in the vote
Mikhail Mishustin signed the list of recommendations to ministries and departments for preparation of voting on amendments to the Constitution. In particular, the interior Ministry has three days to remove from registration at the place of residence of citizens who registered a new address
The concept of marriage in the Constitution as Union of man and woman. Such an amendment the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin submitted to the second reading of the bill on amendments to the Constitution
Vladimir Putin has supported the proposed amendments to the Constitution and emphasized that no reasonable proposal will not be lost. A nationwide vote will take place on 22 April
The working group for preparation of amendments to the Constitution will discuss the specific wording with Vladimir Putin on February 26. It is already known that the preamble of the Basic Law decided not to change. Instead be prepared for changes in "profile" laws and codes

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