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More than 60 percent of Russian citizens are ready and willing to provide volunteer help in the spread of the coronavirus. These are the results of a recent poll
Half of Russian motorists supported the idea of prohibition of movement on the streets, except in cases of extreme necessity. These results showed a survey involving almost 20 thousand people
The vast majority of Russians suggests that information on the situation with coronavirus in the world, its transmission and prevention, enough. This is evidenced by the results of the survey
Three-quarters of schoolchildren in Russia and the CIS countries are paying for remote studies up to five hours a day. The rest of the time they spend in social networks and play games. These are the results of a survey of children, conducted in several countries around the world
Among the amendments to the Constitution affecting the Outlook of Russians, 89 percent of respondents singled out the provision on the prevention of falsification of history. This is from a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion
The most important amendment that can be made to the Constitution, the majority of Russians believe that the consolidation of guarantees of accessibility and quality of care. The same conclusions follow from the opinion poll
Most Russians appreciate their colleagues professionalism, it follows from the results of the survey. But the least valuable qualities, according to respondents, is recognized by the punctuality and patience
More than 90% of Crimeans welcomed reunification with Russia 6 years ago, polls showed. After these events has improved life and financial situation became more secure, stabilized the political situation, there were more jobs and increased pension
Sociologists have noticed that people with different incomes have different views on the causes of poverty and the path to wealth. That, in the opinion of the citizens is the basis of financial insolvency and how changing trends in these estimates over the past decade - in the article "WG"
What is the nature of the Russian "middle class", its main psychological traits? Now as far as material success depends on education? Where did the widespread narcissism? About this "RG" said the psychologist Olga mahovsky
Often in an accident the drivers of BMW and Audi. But, according to the study, it was the BMW drivers do not change their dangerous style of driving even after an accident, so they remain the most dangerous on the road
64% of the men on March 8, plan to give flowers to women. This answer occupies a leading position in the poll. In the top of gifts also includes cosmetics, jewelry and candy
One of the most interesting and important amendments to the Constitution is amendment of the Russian language. That it will not prejudice the native languages of the peoples of Russia and why it is needed, in principle, "RG" discusses with leading experts on national politics
Most Russians want to receive a gift on March 8 jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, and these gifts planning to give them most men. But the gadgets are interesting only 16 percent of Russian women

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