Vladimir Spivakov: a Must see in every difficulty an opportunity

Musicians all over the world are online today, play in empty halls, participate in flash mobs. You have collected all the festival videos. How to perceive this situation?

Vladimir Spivakov: as for the festival, the gathering program, I surprised myself on how many concerts we’ve recorded in recent years with the “Moscow Virtuosi” and the National Philharmonic orchestra, House of music, with children of my Foundation. There is a sign for me of things that will be of interest to musicians and the entire audience. As for the events, of course, we are now hard, both mentally and psychologically. I used every morning at nine o’clock to go to the House of music and rehearse with an orchestra to tackle a variety of issues to deal with. Working day usually ended with me at 10 PM, so I find it hard to get used to another rhythm of life. But I felt an incredible wave of love for his musicians and people with whom I work, and apparently it is mutual, because the last couple of days I get from their music over the Internet, via SMS, the expression of such feelings. We are connected to each other, and the experience of this painful history, which is so dramatic experiencing the world, shows how we should cherish each other. We must try now to communicate less physically, to exclude yourself and others the opportunity to even minimal risk. Now we have rehearsals and meetings, but it is possible to stop, to look, to think, to work on future projects. At home I have a bunch of scores, which I’m preparing now for the following programs.

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What exactly do you have on the table?

Vladimir Spivakov: Third Symphony of Sergei RachmaninovVA. We already recorded with the National Philharmonic orchestra the first two symphonies by Rachmaninov, and I think it turned out really good. Now I want to record the Third Symphony: once we’ve played and set aside. Now I just got the record to listen to and understand what you need to work, that can be corrected.

Entries are made in the Studio or in the House music?

Vladimir Spivakov: We recorded at the Svetlanov hall. Come to us German engineers, bring a bunch of equipment. They are highly qualified professionals who have received not one Grammy for his recording for Deutsche Grammophon. We also recorded a CD for Deutsche Grammophon with the young violinist Daniel Lazarovici concert – pieces by Tchaikovsky. This disc is a great success in the world, received the highest critical acclaim. Now I am preparing to record the Symphony of Rachmaninov. I think the world will not change what he was, and will remain so. As Brodsky, “the world will remain the same… snow is dazzling, and delicate… the world will remain eternal.” If you look closely, in 2015 bill gates first uttered it about the coronavirus. Many philosophers, scientists say it’s too early. For example, historian Yuval Noah Harari who wrote the book “Sapiens: a brief history of mankind” and “Homo Deus: a brief history of tomorrow”, predicted how technology, artificial intelligence will change people’s existence. We need to comprehend all that is happening now, and to be ready for anything. Manage the state in the current situation is a great skill. We have yet to understand where everything came from, why is all this happening right now? The Scripture says: God made not death. In the death of the guilty people.

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this is built the whole history of mankind from Adam, if we talk about the Bible, but today the deadly pandemic is of the planetary scale.

Vladimir Spivakov: of Course, we don’t know what awaits us. And that scares us. But it is important that fear does not paralyze the will, to maintain his own integrity in the face of force. Panic still do not give in, because it paralyzes the human will. Here, I saw the video, as the mayor well I read the poem Brodsky “don’t leave the room,” and I will add to this the words of Brodsky, “that’s Not the point of life, what it is, but in the belief that it should be.”

Virtually all I like will be severely affected by this situation, art projects, musicians, artists?

Vladimir Spivakov: that is Certainly true, but still we should not be pessimistic, we must see in every difficulty an opportunity. I cancelled my big tour in China in April, where he was to conduct orchestras in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities. “Virtuosos of Moscow” was supposed to fly in may to Latin America. The tour is also, of course, was canceled. I am very concerned about my festival in France, in Colmar, which will be held already for the 32nd time. The entire program is already prepared, but will it take place, is unknown. In September we have the NPR scheduled performances at La Scala: a great series of Symphony concerts. The leaders of La Scala asked him to send them my pictures. So, they still hope that these tours will be held. But today, with precision no one can say nothing.

In France, too, is a difficult situation, and you have children living there?

Vladimir Spivakov: Yes, they are sitting in Paris all in their corners. Go outside with paper on which is written: “Go to the supermarket to buy bread” orRupa. All in masks. Write, so I sat at home and didn’t go out. I don’t go out to House music do not go. Know that every day there are fumigating and observe all precautions. Music house is empty, and it is very difficult to accept.

Many of the concerts that were cancelled, it is impossible to insert in programme of next season, and it turns out that the spring poster irretrievably lost?

Vladimir Spivakov: Yeah, sounds like Marcel Proust. And economically the situation is really very heavy. But we, as always in Russia, calculated on the minds of people. As they say, and not something else happened. But I think that the country is an important conclusion from this story and now that financial support of many agencies and industries will be reviewed. Because many people think like this: here, people sit in labs to grow bacteria, what are they doing? Nonsense. But it turns out that it is not nonsense! The experience of the current situation shows that we need to support science, need to support the doctors. Need to support the arts because art is not only a sublime image of the state, but what forms of man as man, giving him the strength to overcome all difficulties.