“I sometimes agree to take part in the filming to get the money that I should have to pay for the house and Cultural center,” – said the newspaper VIEW of Soviet and Russian actor, people’s artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan, adding that one pension is impossible to survive.

“Every pensioner in the country will say today that pension, of course, needs to be bigger. People who have worked all their lives and who gave their work so much country, of course, should end his days with dignity, calmly, with a good lunch and maybe even with a beautiful dinner,” said Vitorgan.

Of course, one pension is impossible to survive, continues the actor. He stresses that it’s not even about the money: his generation has grown up on finding new, creative Affairs. Previously, people even it does not matter what size was the salary. Important was the role, participation in surveys, participation in performances. He regrets that today, we primarily talk about money and then about the work.

“And I should tell you that it is not very good in this respect, people. I, too, fortunately yet sometimes, I give consent to take part in the filming to get the money that I should have to pay for the house in which I live, and in which there are thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people already – the Cultural center of Emmanuel Vitorgan in Moscow”, – explains Vitorgan.

Since the actor is currently working, the exact amount of the state payments he does not remember. “The whole thing is that the people’s artists of Russia has added to the pension of 30 thousand rubles. In General, the result is somewhere in the 50 something thousand rubles pension goes,” shared Vitorgan.

Stoyanov opened the size of his pension

Informed about their pensions in comments to the newspaper look told the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia Alexander Zbruev who doesn’t know how much he pays the state, because it works, and musician, people’s artist of the Russian Federation, the leader of group “the time Machine” Andrei Makarevich, which receives “thousands of 26”.