Holidays in Mallorca are becoming more expensive due to inflation. Not only flights and hotels at Ballermann have increased in price, but also groceries. Beer, cola, bread, milk and fruit: Which products do German holidaymakers have to pay extra for now? At Lidl on Ballermann from Mallorca, FOCUS Online makes the price comparison.

There has been a Lidl on Mallorca for around two decades. Over 20 discounter branches can be found on the popular holiday island.

FOCUS Online reporters Julian Puritscher and Lisa-Marie Jeschina visited the Lidl market in El Arenal, a few minutes’ walk from Ballermann, for their price comparison. Coffee, butter, bread and beer: Many German tourists also buy their food for the beach and their daily needs here.

For our price comparison, we bought products from Lidl’s own brands – only for Cola did we choose the well-known branded product from Coca-Cola. From categories such as beverages, fruit and dairy products, we selected goods that end up in customers’ shopping carts for a week’s shopping, for example. The results of the comparison are quite surprising and reveal significant price differences of up to 50 percent.

Even if shopping in the Spanish discounter is cheaper overall at 16.76 euros than in the domestic Lidl market at 21.31 euros, holidaymakers pay significantly more for some products.

For beer, for example, customers in Ballermann-Lidl have to pay more. A 0.5 liter can of Perlenbacher beer costs 0.49 euros here. In Germany you pay 12 cents less. Half a liter costs only 0.37 euros here. A price difference of 25 percent.

Detergent is also more expensive on Mallorca. A kilogram of detergent from Formil costs 2.99 euros here. In Germany you get two kilograms for 4.89 euros – twice the content. Customers in Mallorca pay 2.29 euros for a bag of oranges. In Germany it is significantly cheaper at 1.69 euros.

Condensed milk also costs more in Mallorca. 450 grams of Milbona condensed milk costs 1.49 euros on Mallorca. In Germany you only pay 0.69 euros for 340 grams. One kilogram costs 3.31 euros in Spain and around 2 euros in Germany. Customers on Mallorca pay around 40 percent more.

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Coca-Cola has the biggest price difference. A 1.25 liter bottle costs 1.62 euros. In Germany you get more content for less money: 1.5 liters for 1.19 euros – in the special offer even for 0.99 euros. A liter of Coca-Cola costs the equivalent of 1.30 euros in Mallorca and only 66 cents in Germany. In Ballermann-Lidl, customers pay around 50 percent more.

In Germany, on the other hand, customers pay more for apples. A kilogram costs 2.19 euros here – on Mallorca only 1.95 euros.

You also have to dig deeper into your pocket for toast. The 750 gram pack of bread Gräfschafter costs 1.29 euros in Germany. In Mallorca, on the other hand, customers pay 1.19 euros for the 820 gram pack of LA CESTERA – more content at a lower price.

Germans also pay significantly more for butter. The Milbona German branded butter (250 grams) costs 2.09 euros in Germany and only 1.75 euros in Mallorca.

There is a big price difference for coffee: 200 grams of instant coffee from Bellarom costs 3.99 euros in Germany. On the Balearic Islands it is significantly cheaper at 2.29.

For some products, the price difference is only marginal. A kilogram of bananas costs 1.29 euros in Germany. In Mallorca, the kilo is four cents cheaper. Germans also pay 4 cents more for jam. The 450 gram glass costs 0.99 euros in German Lidl.

The 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water from Saskia costs 0.25 euros in Germany. In Spain, customers pay 0.22 euros for the water from San Cocó.

The price difference for chocolate is 2 cents. 100 grams of Fin Carré chocolate costs 0.59 euros in Germany and 0.57 euros in Spain.

The price comparison has shown that the differences of up to 50 percent are very high. Coca-Cola, beer and condensed milk stand out in particular. The products are only available in Mallorca with a significant surcharge compared to the German Lidl product. It is different with toast, butter and coffee. Here the prices on the Balearic holiday island are well below the prices of Lidl goods in Germany.

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