the Average temperature in June was one of the highest in the last 20 years of observations. Scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand told what are the records and what is in store for Muscovites in July.

As explained by the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Roman Vilfand, in 2020 Russia has the highest number of temperature records. Winter in Moscow was unusually warm, in the spring of Muscovites faced with unusually low temperatures in June were broken several records. The reason is global warming, which leads to a change in air mass circulation over the globe.

— due To the uneven warming at the equator and in the polar zones is increasing the frequency of occurrence of meridional processes: movement of air masses from South to North and from North to South. This set new temperature records.

July, according to forecasts of Hydrometeorology as a whole will warm, but can be as uneven as June. Precipitation is expected to be within the monthly rate, but they will be distributed as unevenly through infrequent, but intense rains.

Wednesday, July 1, in the capital +24…+26, cloudy, some rain, gusts of wind can reach 15 m/S. Night +14…+16 without precipitation. In the suburbs +23…+25, in the rain, at night +11…+13.

Thursday, July 2, in Moscow +26…+28, partly cloudy, rain. Night +16…+18. Region +23…+25, light rain, at night +13…+16.

on Friday, July 3, in the capital +27…+29, storms in places. At night +13…+18, intermittent rain. Region +23…+26 and also precipitation. At night will be +15…+18, it will be rainy.

on Saturday In Moscow +23…+28 partly cloudy, at night +13…+18, intermittent rain. In the suburbs +23…+26 at night +15…+18.

rain will stop in Moscow only on Sunday, the thermometer will show +23…+28, is projected to be partly cloudy. At night +14…+19. Region +25…+28 at night +13…+16 and will again be “wet.”