Users in the reviews compared the singer with a Diva.

Valeria, whose name is known to Alla Yurievna perfilova, in Instagram published the picture, which, according to some fans, it was like two drops of water similar to the prima Donna of the national stage Alla Pugacheva.

Publish from VALERIYA (@valeriya) 14 May 2020 8:21 PDT

“Carantanorum. But you can wear no makeup. Under the mask I exactly? Think, please their own versions of the signature to a photo”.

In the comments users left a lot of comments about Valerie. “At first I thought Alla Pugacheva”, “Alla? Oh, Alla”, “You are really very similar with Alla Borisovna”.

Curiously, some of his followers Valeria answered. She asked, what she suddenly became so like Alla Pugacheva. At the same time she replied: “Do glasses and mask.”

Recall that Valeria, along with her husband producer Iosif Prigozhin is in his Moscow apartment during a pandemic. She previously complained that they don’t have villas in the suburbs, so they are unable to walk in nature.

Note that previously the husband of the star performer told me that they have a cottage in Switzerland. And, as it assured Joseph Prigozhin, it costs them no more than a cottage, for example, some of the celebrities on the ruble. When the pandemic has just begun, Prigogine considered the possibility to buy a house in the suburbs, but he was scared by the prices. As he spoke, behind a barn some dealers asking for a few million dollars. For such expenses he decided not to go.