news in the framework of the project “5 things which I’ll do after the end of isolation” publishes stories stars about their plans for life after it all finally,zakonchitsa

Actress of theatre and cinema of Valentina Rubtsova, known to viewers of the TV series “Univer” and “Sashatanya” and the program “Big difference” on the First channel, the isolation holds in Sochi with his family, but wants to get to work.

Star admitted that the first thing after the lifting of restrictions go for a walk to the sea and is to go “long and hard” and then will teach the text of the new episodes of “I” will go to Moscow for the shooting.

in Addition to the work, the actress dreams of simple female happiness. What — see our video.

school of psychology from 1998 to 2003 he sang in the famous the pop group “Girls”. By the way, the team became the starting point in the career and Irina Dubtsova. After the group disbanded, Valentine played in musicals including “Cats” and “12 chairs”.

True fame came with the role of Tanya in the TV series “Univer”. The heroine is loved by the public, and Valya was invited to the continuation of the “Univer. The new Dorm” and even made a separate TV series “Sashatanya”.

Also Group presented “Life after isolation: the desire, the feeling and the future.” On a special landing page experts and influencer share their thoughts about how they build their lives now and how they see the future after the removal of all restrictions.