Leyla Semenovna! Pandemic still tortures us. And all can not wait to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus. Surely now you can still find someone who doubts the importance of vaccination?

Leyla Namazova-Baranova: Alas, Irina, at the initial stage of the pandemic and it seemed to me that antifactionalist suddenly disappeared. It seemed that the time has come that we have all been necessary: when you can quietly remind the people again began to hear, listen to doctors, the truth about vaccinations and vaccines. And most importantly, about why you do not need to get infections to get protection for the future – the immune system.


Leyla Namazova-Baranova: Because any infection, especially at the start of life, in childhood, is always fraught or possible deaths (many infections remain deadly to humans), or profound consequences for health. And it’s the # 1 myth that infection is the lung diseases and it is better for them to be had in childhood! Evidence that the pertussis if they get sick or newborn child for the first three months of life (before he has time to be vaccinated) can lead to death from respiratory arrest or choking. And survivors often formed epilepsy or severe lung disease as a result of the disease.

meningococcal disease within just a few hours can get to the light before a perfectly healthy child. And if the doctors will be able to still save him from death, the child will live, but with amputated handles or legs because of severe infectious process often causes gangrene of the extremities. Has increased significantly in recent years, the severity of varicella when vetryanye encephalitis have a profound impact on mental and cognitive health of the child. Unless, of course, do keep him alive.

And here’s another from the latest news. In patients who have experienced severe childhood rotavirus infection (so-called “stomach flu”), not only remains problematic for the rest of my life the gastro-intestinal tract, but significantly more often than nebolisa formed diabetes. A vaccination against rotavirus, respectively, indirectly protects against diabetes. And the list I can still go on.

Here about COVID-19 said that he rarely develops in those who actively vaccinated against tuberculosis BCG vaccination.

Leyla Namazova-Baranova: You’re right. Already analyzed data that convincingly demonstrate that people vaccinated with live attenuated vaccines (not only against tuberculosis, but against measles-rubella-mumps or, for example, oral polio vaccine), do get sick less often. And if ill Novo�� coronavirus infection, then carry it easier. And this is understandable: these vaccines stimulate the innate immune system that should protect from such viruses like SARS-CoV-2.

And here is myth # 2: it makes no sense to be vaccinated, because all the time there are new influenza viruses, other pathogens, against which you need every new vaccine. And therefore, the meaning of vaccination, like as not. Now, the opposite: sense is. Is because any vaccination is, of course, specific protection against the pathogen against which it is made. But the added bonus is a non-specific stimulation, i.e., activation of protection and from other similar antigens of other pathogens. For example, Brivibas from the flu, we begin less hurt and other respiratory infections.

Interesting! But the trouble is that many people think of infections like not around us that we seem to have won. And it’s the era of the epidemic of non – communicable diseases- obesity, hypertension, heart attacks and strokes…

Leyla Namazova-Baranova: And again the myth! Myth # 3: that humanity has defeated the infection. I would like to give some arguments to refute it. That we are still very far from being able to defeat the infection, shows just the current pandemic COVID-19. How could we have imagined even quite recently, for example, sitting at the festive table, new year and welcoming the new 2020 that after a couple of months our lives will make such a sharp turn?! Definitely not.

the Explosive increase in the incidence and number of deaths from novel coronavirus infection, the health workers in suits, people who a lot of weeks of sitting in isolation… It’s more like the scenario of a fantastic film. But in fact, was the truth of our lives. And if we add the hundreds of thousands and even millions of people of all ages who are suffering and dying from common flu, measles, pneumococcal and rotavirus and so on… diseases completely preventable with vaccines, it becomes very sad from unreasonable people on Earth. Especially those who has such possibility, but for different reasons to neglect it. By the way, and diphtheria in the last years again “lifted my head”, and other infections, which already seemed almost defeated.

And again about the myths, about two it is pertinent to recall. Because these myths, many people repeatedly broadcast, not even thinking about their false promises.

Myth # 4: it makes no sense to think about infection! Since people today suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, obesity, allergies, cancer, autoimmune diseases and so on. It is possible to answer the following. From the standpoint of modern medicine programming of human health is carried out in the first years of his fetal and neutr��Bnei life. And if at this time the baby is not protected in the first days of using vaccination against an aggressive outer world, if a child had some kind of infection, especially with the use in the treatment of antibiotics, then his body will begin an irreversible change of the normal (immune) immunity to pathological type immune response. This is when from or otsrochennoe start allergic, autoimmune or Oncology diseases. By the way, the body weight from those in the first three years of life was treated with antibiotics, significantly more excessive in comparison with those who were not ill. As you can see, infection and lack of vaccination can act as a causal factor in the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases.

on the other hand, the aggravation of the atherosclerotic process in the form of destruction of plaque that leads to vascular accidents heart attack, stroke, is also triggered by infection. For example, we know about the so-called “delayed” heart attacks and strokes that occur following the flu people. And, by the way, cancer patients are much more likely to die from infectious complications that occur in the background of the application protivoallergichesky drugs, severely depressing the immune system, is anti-infectious protection of the organism.

Now myth # 5: that a pandemic COVID-19 need to suspend routine vaccination. This is a categorically incorrect statement! If we stop vaccinating, we will wallow in outbreaks no less deadly infections! Always cite the example of the experience of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which happened a year ago, an outbreak of Ebola. While everyone waited like manna from heaven vaccinated against this new disease, has ceased to vaccinate from the banal measles. And when summed up – sticks: died of measles significantly more people than Ebola.

So what is the alternative vaccination today there is no humanity, and pointless to argue with that.

In his address, the President touched on the topic, which, according to him, goes far beyond the health sector and is sensitive for the whole society. This treatment, assistance for children with severe, including rare, so-called orphan diseases. Here we need systemic, it is a state decision. Assistance should reach every child, to every family who is faced with such a disaster, the President said. What are orphan diseases? This disease, whose incidence does not exceed one case per 10 000 inhabitants. Children are affected by them to varying degrees. But all such patients require lifelong treatment with medications that “correct” genetic errors of the nature of the underlying disease. 10-15 years ago it to adulthood lived one, mostly with “mild” genetic mutations. Minya, everything changed. Children are living longer. Has improved their quality of life. They began to actively cultivate, not only “calendar” of vaccines, but also other available on the Russian market. For example, the active position of the parent community of children with mucopolysaccharidoses have led to the fact that all children were protected against influenza, pneumococcus, etc. Perhaps this was the explanation that none of these children in the epidemic COVID-19 not ill. That’s the power of vaccines!