The problems associated with erectile dysfunction are not only related to getting and maintaining an erection in the first place but also regards the strength of the erection also. To determine how hard your erection is, a healthcare professional may use an Erection Hardness Score. As well as getting hard enough, it is also important that you can maintain an erection for a long enough amount of time so that you can have sex to a ‘satisfactory’ standard – that will obviously differ from person to person.

Erection Hardness

The Erection Hardness Score is a simple starting point used by healthcare professionals in order to determine just how firm your penis is when fully erect. It is scored on a 0 to 4 scale, of which these points are listed below.

0 – The penis does not grow or enlarge at all.

1 – The penis does not get hard but does grow larger.

2 – The penis is not completely hard, but is not hard enough for penetration.

3 – The penis is not completely hard, but is hard enough for penetration.

4 – The penis is fully rigid and completely hard.

As you can see, this is a very basic assessment tool. If you would prefer to have a more comprehensive one conducted on you, then consider asking a healthcare professional about using the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) questionnaire instead.

This consists of five separate questions that work to find out more information about your erection. Although not the perfect diagnostic tool, it works differently from the Erection Hardness Score in that it gets you thinking more about a healthy sex life and getting and maintaining an erection for long enough so that you can perform penetration. These questions are listed below.

Q1 – What level of confidence do you have in getting and maintaining an erection?

Q2 – How often is your erection strong enough to be able to perform penetration?

Q3 – Can you keep your erection during penetration?

Q4 – Are you able to maintain your erection through to completion / orgasm?

Q5 – How often would you say that the sex that you have is ‘satisfactory’?

If you find yourself low down on the Erection Hardness Score and not coming out of the IIEF questionnaire well, then you may want to consider seeking some form of treatment. Once such medication that can help is a generic viagra called Sildenafil. If you are interested in purchasing some of this, click for 100mg. You can even have this delivered to you on a monthly basis.

Why A Hard Erection Matters

Being able to get and keep a strong and consistent erection going is actually a sign of good overall health. With the blood vessels within your penis being much smaller than the arteries found in other areas of your body, any blockages or any other issues that you may have would first show up in your penis in the form of either full on erectile dysfunction or as an erection that is not as hard as what it usually is.