In Yakutia, near a tributary of Tirekhtyakh river in Abyysky district in permafrost, found the carcass of the woolly rhinoceros. Although this happened back in August, the researchers of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic only now announced it.

According to scientists, it had lain in the soil from 20 thousand to 50 thousand years. And he has a beautifully preserved thick coat of brown color, teeth, soft tissue and part of the internal organs, even a part of the intestine with food debris. Carcass discovered near a small nasal horn. Professionals appreciate the safety findings in 80 per cent.

the Carcass fell in the collapse of the rocks after the thaw.

Experts from the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha investigated the discovery on a place of detection, according to preliminary data, the rhinoceros died quite young, at the age of three or four years, the cause of death was drowning.

After completing all procedures, the animal remains will be taken to Yakutsk for additional research to learn about the way of life and causes of extinction of woolly rhinoceros. And then they go to Stockholm.

Similar findings occur in Yakutia not for the first time. Permafrost creates excellent conditions for fossil preservation. So, in 2014 were found seven-month-old baby Rhino by age thirty-four thousand years.

Woolly rhinos were widespread across the North of Eurasia, but died about fourteen thousand years ago, according to the Academy of Sciences of Yakutia. The reason for their extinction, scientists are looking for still, so so important for them similar findings.