The granddaughter of an 81-year-old actress Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina Anna is ready to buy for grandma scandalous apartment, the debate around which do not cease for a second straight month. We will remind, the family of the actress is trying to return the apartment Fedoseeva at the time the spouse gave to a producer Bari Alibasov. When Lydia found out that her husband was gifting this property to its assistant Sergey Moraru that wished to return the right of ownership itself. However, the Motsar to part with the property refuses.

In the program “Let them talk” Motsar focused: he is already 10 years is not just a driver Alibasov-older, but its official Director. Words of simple assistant Shukshina and her family devalues his efforts and loyalty to the famous producer. As for the apartment, the Motsar contacted the granddaughter Fedoseeva-Shukshina Anna.

Previously she also was a participant of the scandal: at the time she sold the apartment of the grandmother in St. Petersburg, along with belonging to a woman things. Apparently, the heiress has decided to make amends and are willing to buy from Sergei for my grandma the subject of the dispute, despite the fact that the broadcast of “the Secret to a million” told about the financial problems and the inability to make ends meet.

“I called Anna. She expressed a desire to buy an apartment for family Sukhinah. Accordingly, we will resolve the issue. The apartment will again be theirs. She told me: “Me in front of grandma inconvenient for the St. Petersburg apartment, I’m ready to buy an apartment for her,” reported the Motsar before present.