Lawyer Michael Tsivin, the husband of the Russian actress Natalia Draginol, planned to create a veterans home cinema on the basis of the suburban villas of the actor Alexei Batalov, who died in 2017. About this on air of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” said the special correspondent of “Russia 24” Alexander Lukyanov. The recording of the program published in the account of the TV channel “Russia 1” on YouTube.

“Michael civin told me that it had often asked the neighbors to help the elderly relatives. In General, this family often assisting elderly people. And the most interesting — in place of summer residence Batalov they planned to establish a private nursing home — for 30-40 people,” he revealed the details of the conversation the journalist.

the air was heard a fragment of conversation Lukyanova and Ziminym. “She (Gitana leontenko, the wife of actor Alexei Batalov, — ed. “Of the”) when he asked me to sell this house, I inquired about the market, I have friends, realtors, saw that now very unfavorable situation, prices are falling every day. I said — no point in this, I do not advise you to sell,” said zivin.

According to him, it is suggested to use the cottage a different way to organize her house veterans movie name Batalov. “Here is build the building for 40 rooms, with an infirmary, a garage for two cars, explained tzivin. Is like a nursing home, as he was on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, the house veterans cinema. By the way, Batalov also participated in its creation. It was a very good institution. Drozhzhina 15 years was patronized by him. Today nobody remembers”.

In mid-September 2020 became aware of the alleged fraud with apartments and other property of the family Batalov. Relatives of the late actor has accused Drozhino and doctor of economic Sciences in the deception. A pair of alleged victims, conducted a series of operations, which the wife and daughter of Batalova lost share in the apartment, the workshop of the actor, two apartments, one of which is located in Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, and money — 107 thousand dollars (over eight million) lying in the account.

26 Oct Drozhino and doctor of economic Sciences, were detained, they were charged with fraud, but the court has refused to arrest the pair. Spouses faces a prison term.