Trying to beat the queues Man arrested for breaking into Disneyland during coronavirus lockdown

With lockdown taking its toll on people the world over, one man sought refuge in the so-called ‘happiest place on Earth’, breaking into Disneyland in California to get away from it all.

While he didn’t have to deal with the usual hordes that normally crowd the amusement park, the intruder soon ran into law enforcement officers as he hung out near a Guardians of the Galaxy drop tower ride, local news outlet ABC7 in Los Angeles reports.

Unfortunately for the opportunistic theme park enthusiast, he was arrested and cited for trespassing. Police believe the man may have been trying to steal equipment left on a construction site near the ride, but his motivations have not yet been entirely clarified.

With the coronavirus health crisis still rumbling on, Disney has not set a date for reopening its parks. Prior to the pandemic, those in the US had previously closed only in the aftermath of John F Kennedy’s assassination and the September 11 attacks, and owing to natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

The multi-billion-dollar company has come under fire after it said it will stop paying nearly half its workforce this week as its parks and hotels remain shut. While low-earners will stop getting paychecks altogether, the company’s executive chairman Bob Iger has taken just a fractional haircut on his $47.5 million total annual compensation.

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