“RG” asked about her practicing in Kerala Dr. Kavirajan Basurahan-Lalitkumar, bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery. But just to warn you: we do not give any advice. And what the doctor says, you should discuss with your doctor before making a decision. In India, unlike Russia, a very different climate and national food preferences.

Dr. Kavirajan, in your state really won COVID-19?

Basurahan-Lalitkumar: Well, the victory over the coronavirus is too early to say, but the situation in the state now generally favorable.

the Total number of infected for the time of at least 500, recovered 350. Three fatalities, unfortunately. But still we can say that it’s not much, especially when you consider that the state is home to about 40 million people.

And, really played a decisive role Ayurveda?

Basurahan-Lalitkumar: Contribution of Ayurveda to combat the coronavirus, of course, palpable. As well as the efforts of official physicians, volunteers. As well as the actions of the authorities, who promptly introduced insulation limitations. You need to remember that everyone’s presence is important factor.

with specific regard to Ayurveda, it is a very strong ancient teaching, which is entrenched in our society many centuries ago and became an everyday reality. It’s not just drugs that are sold everywhere. Ayurveda has penetrated deeply into everyday life.

for Example, in Kerala in cooking is widely used ginger, turmeric, asafoetida, koreandr. And don’t even think that it is an effective-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agents. In addition, every housewife knows how to use tulasi, neem and other medicinal plants from the Ayurvedic list.

Another example: among the inhabitants of the state are very popular Panchakarma is a set of procedures to cleanse the body, which can always be done in any of the many Ayurvedic clinics in Kerala. Removing toxins and extra weight, normalization of life processes – the key to success in any treatment.

These and other factors gave the result – the General health of the population, increased immunity of citizens that impact in the fight against “the crown”.

a medication you have from COVID-19?

Basurahan-Lalitkumar: On the drug is actively working in our laboratories, but it is not yet certified. We provide the population with free drugs to strengthen the immune system. And make recommendations within the framework of our General concepts.

From the point of view of Ayurveda, any disease is nothing but imbalance of energy, primary vitality, which are called “doshas”. And from the interaction which depends on human health. Its primary purpose we see in Garmothe organization of these energies.

the Goal of Ayurveda is not to destroy the disease, and include protective mechanisms, to release the body of toxins that contribute to the development of infection.

And how this applies to the crown?

Basurahan-Lalitkumar: At the first stage it is very important to capture-the first symptoms (sore throat, discomfort in the nose and throat, fatigue, etc.), preferably before the appearance of temperature. And put itself into the power saving mode, to rest.

the First six hours we recommend to refrain from eating and every 15 minutes to drink a tablespoon (a little bit) of warm boiled water. I stress – boiled. This will trigger a protective process that activates the immune system. The normal body is able to comfort himself, he only need help. Six hours later we start to take drugs. Doctor’s prescription, taking into account individual parameters and under supervision.

you also need to go on a diet. This is very important, on its compliance is 40 percent. Eliminate foods that create the body’s so-called mucus favorable to the development of the virus Wednesday. It’s all milk and milk products, raw vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, garlic, sourdough bread, meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, sugar, tea, coffee, canned foods. All fried and smoked. All sweets, including honey (I know it is popular in Russia).

the measures are intended to balance the ratio of the doshas and to normalize the processes of life and disease must retreat.

And then what do you eat?

Basurahan-Lalitkumar: Can of cooked vegetables (not raw), porridge on the water, mash the peas, rice and congee. Instead of bread you can make scones without eggs, milk and yeast. Be sure to use ginger and turmeric. In General, there is better only if you are experiencing hunger. Do not want – do not eat.

a short List of suitable products. People probably feel hunger?

Basurahan-Lalitkumar: you Have to understand that a strict diet is necessary in the treatment period, during exacerbation. At other times you can expand the menu.

But still better to at least avoid canned food – it ain’t good. Give preference to light food. Of meat the most viable option – poultry, preferably Turkey. And try to eat only freshly prepared foods. Less harvested for future use.

I heard that in Ayurveda great attention is paid not only to medication, diet and treatment, and General emotional background.

Basurahan-Lalitkumar: this is Certainly very important. It is important to be calm, full of positive emotions. Listen to your favorite music, draw myself�� and admire the paintings of others, contemplate the nature. Sex is also good, but in the least, without frills.

Read only quality literature. At the same time as protect yourself from information hysteria, from the shaft of the reports of coronavirus, from the aggressive discussion of this in social networks. This is detrimental to the immune system. Better to laugh than to be angry.

Try to sleep more. You need to eat with appetite. If you do not want to eat – don’t eat, miss, dinner will be tastier.

communicate More with your loved ones, try to fulfill the desires of his own, and others. And, of course, don’t forget about prayers. Faith is an important factor.

Faculty of Ayurveda at University, a few dozen of Ayurvedic colleges, many laboratories and clinics. Your traditional medicine serious scientific and practical basis.

Basurahan-Lalitkumar: Is also a very important component. Yes, we are constantly developing Ayurveda, adapt ancient teachings to modern conditions. Thanks to the efforts in this direction have been made possible by our success, including in the fight against cancer, diabetes, hepatitis and other serious diseases.

But look (raises open hand): the five main components of treatment. The efforts of the physician. The efforts of the patient. The effectiveness of drugs and procedures. The possibilities of science. And finally, the participation of God. Moreover, he can cope without those four. But the rest of it is unlikely.

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