The Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation established the rules of contact tracing of patients with coronavirus on the basis of geolocation data and mobile operators. The draft order is posted on the portal of projects of normative legal acts.

According to the project, as the key to track will use the data of the Ministry of health about the number of a phone infected by coronavirus infection. Specialized algorithms help to identify the location and data operators other people with whom the last 14 days in infected was in regular contact. The list of such subscribers will be specified taking into account the time data of the joint of location of the subscribers and the peculiarities of the movement during the observed period.

"as a result, formed a list of subscribers, who were at risk of infection COVID-19 in the course of direct communication with the patient. The data obtained centralizada on the information resources of the Ministry and sent to the operational headquarters of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, Resguardo, the interior Ministry and the Ministry of health", – stated in the draft.

The Singapore authorities provide the population with devices for tracing contacts with infected people coronavirus

The document notes that the system will monitor the adherence to quarantine persons in respect of whom the decision on compulsory isolation, by-hour analysis of their location on subscriber devices.

"In case of violation of the established boundaries of fixed time and location coordinates of the subscriber whenever the violation, duration of violation, the maximum distance from the place of quarantine, the rate of compliance with quarantine requirements. This information is transmitted to the operational headquarters of subjects of the Russian Federation, Resguardo and MIA", the authors explain the project.

Interaction in the system will be held between the Ministry of communications, Ministry of health, Ministry of interior, Asgardia, the operational headquarters of the Russian constituent entities and mobile operators "Megaphone" MTS "Beeline" Tele2 "Ekaterinburg-2000".


Scheme system

The whole system will allow to track both contacts of the patient and compliance with quarantine mode, including on return from abroad.

So, within two hours after admission, a medical institution will be obliged to enter data about the number of a subscriber in the regional segment of the so-called Information resource COVID-19, access to which has including the Ministry of communications. She, in turn, based on the data uploads the data (phone number) of cases in the tracking system.

The system then determines the operator, each of which are lists of phone numbers of people infected. All this information is analysed, Abobe��smiling and placed in visualized form of communications on the portal

System will consider as the Russians who are abroad and those who crossed the border of the Russian Federation. The system will monitor compliance with quarantine through the nearest to the site of the isolated base station – tracking will occur in the next two weeks.

Finally, the system will allow to track possible contacts of the patient, including those with whom he communicated via voice or SMS. If the system understands what the caller was with an infected for at least five minutes, his room also gets into the database, access to which agencies participating regulations.