Now it is fix. Also, the Tour de Suisse, the Corona-pandemic victims. The largest Swiss Sporting event is not carried out in 2020, for the first Time since the Second world war. A postponement would be “logistically and financially not feasible,” as stated by the organizer.

“We are convinced that this is the best possible solution, to create for all the participants, Fans, and partners clarity and planning security. For the Tour de Suisse, the rejection is also an important step to secure the continued existence of the event,” says Olivier Senn, Co-managing Director of the Association’s Tour de Suisse. “We would like to thank all the sponsors, stage locations, service providers and our Staff for their extraordinary support and solidarity, and without this step and thus an important contribution to securing the future of our event would not be possible.”

Not support by the army and the police

A professional planning was with the large uncertainty since the outbreak of the Coronavirus possible. Also, because the support of the army and the police, has not been this year, guaranteed.

in Addition, could not prepare all of the racers under the same conditions as in different countries different measures have been taken. In addition, you do not want to put burden on the Swiss Gesundheitssytem by possible falls during the race. Broke since the outbreak of the Virus in the sponsorship opportunities. You would have waited even longer with the cancellation, the organizers, would have been the cost will be higher.

“It’s no Surprise I have for weeks, contact with organisers,” says Pro cyclist Stefan Küng to VIEW. “But it’s always different when it is officially Game Over. Goal for goal, the Tour breaks for me this year, after the Olympics now. But under the circumstances could have been no one to look forward to.”

Silvan Dillier reacted in a similar way: “it’s a Pity. The Tour de Suisse was on my race program. One of the races, which I drove the most. But it is understandable. Hope I’m in 2021 and then to be healthy and to participate in the Tour.”

melancholy, even in the case of Fabian Lienhard wide. “A great pity, the Tour is a season for me, was the highlight. Last year I had a Horny on a mega-tour, it was my breakthrough. Now a goal in my year program is missing after the spring classics again. All come, colleagues and friends stand by on the roadside – it hurts.”

it remains to be seen whether the TdS organisers to apply for support from the Federal government. Check all the options “in-depth”, it says.

The goal is the 2020 Tour de Suisse as identical as possible in June 2021 to carry out. Küng like it. “The start-time driving is in Frauenfeld, a home game is always good,” he says with a grin. “And now I have a year more time to study the route.”

this year, a virtual Version of the TdS could take place, appropriate investigations to run.

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