For some, the period of isolation was a rare time of silence, self-knowledge and discovery of new talents, however, for other categories of the population lack of work, the need to sit in four walls, panic and fear become the reason to drown their sorrows at the bottom of the glass. Alcohol for Russians has always been one of the best cures of all.

the country Now, of course, not to alcoholics with their problems, but private drug experts say the growth in the number of appeals and warn that after the period of isolation of the effects of the binges will echo for a long time.

Users in social networks share that drink in isolation are much more likely: the prospect of early return to work after the weekend was the limiting factor, now no one will notice your wrinkled face and not reprimanded for being late. and the wheel is now almost do not – do not want to drink. “We have every night to drink with my husband at least a bottle of vodka. Alcohol somehow easier to survive all this horror around,” says Muscovite Olga L. “Never drank as much as now, – said Ilya from Moscow. – No work yet, prospects are not clear, what remains?”

Meanwhile, the public sector doctors say that drinking people have less. At least in state hospital alcoholics almost never driven. And the victims of the accident because of “drunken accidents” almost there – behind the wheel today, few people sits. “I guess isolation is the Muscovites are good, – told “MK” the doctor of a Moscow hospital. – We have quite a few patients with alcoholic poisoning”.

However, private drug experts do not agree: according to their estimates, the number of calls increased by 30-50% — and continues to grow. Just “soon” absolutely ceased to go to the people for such minor reasons – they go mainly to patients with symptoms of acute respiratory infection. But if the patient is drunk or can’t get out of the binge, he was advised to contact the private services that provide such services.

As told to “MK” counselor on chemical dependency of one private company Fedor Cucumbers, the effects of the General wave of growth in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, unfortunately, have yet to encounter:

— To us the flow of calls from people needing help with alcohol abuse only increases. If earlier people were drinking and went to work, they strictly adhere to social border: Yes, on Friday and Saturday you can afford, but by Monday you have to be a cucumber. Now the situation is such that, call the wife with the cry of the soul: I don’t know what to do with him, drinking the third week and no brakes. Dependence is progressive, and while it is possible to drink and not go anywhere, people will drink and not go anywhere. “Soon”, which cracks��places to go to in such patients, too, can understand: now it is a pity to waste precious time on some drunks that bad every morning. Previously, such people went, prescribed them Nospanum, magnesium. Now otbrykivatsya from them as you can.

What can you say about the forms of hard drinking – is the number of heavy?

– Yes, more and more cases are becoming more serious. It is generally believed that if a person drinks, nothing. And so as long as the consequences are visible: until something is taken away or he starts to beat loved ones. And while he quietly cleans the kitchen one or two bottles of vodka, everything seems in order. Go to work don’t need a lot of time – he sits around drinking. But what is happening now will bear fruit in a week or two, when it will be necessary to return to social life, and it will be very hard.

– the Number of applications is growing all the time?

– It depends on the government’s plans in terms of self-isolation. The first week was a surge of requests, then, when everyone was waiting for that all over, they began gradually to decline. But now we are talking about the extension of the period for may – again began to rise. The middle class are accustomed to using. Go to chain stores for the sale of alcohol: there is a queue, all Packed, all sold out.

Meanwhile, Director of the Institute of narcological health of the nation Oleg Zykov believes that the situation is not yet entirely clear: the state addiction treatment centers are in disrepair: “the Results we are going to fail after isolation. Now either people cope by themselves or by attracting private pagetoshow”.