Today celebrates the 75th anniversary of one of the best guitarists in the world - Ritchie Blackmore

Yes, you are considered to have a Blackmore – Creator of “attacking manners guitar”, a difficult character. Singer Ian Gillan left because of him, Deep Purple, even twice. Yes, and part of Rainbow has varied from album to album, because only phlegmatic Ronnie James dio has withstood all attacks and jokes the chef.

Photo: Diana Arbenina and the Night Snipers/youtube Diana Arbenina became the heroine of the animated film “Rome”

Even more shocking trick super-guitarist: for the love of a young journalist and aspiring singer candice night of 17 November 1993 concert in Helsinki, he said from the stage that dissolves Deep Purple and begins to make very different music – “not even the one in the Rainbow”…

Well, the way that the group itself did not listen to the leader and summer releases its next, already the 21st Studio album – Whoosh!

In order and Ritchie Blackmore, while generally not taking up the guitar, but for the sake of the folk group Blackmore’s Night has mastered the lute and mandolin.

10 APR Ritchie and candice played from his home in long island (wife of guitarist – American, so he moved in with her in the United States, the couple has two children, eight and ten years!) joint acoustic concert Stay at Home. And also a lot of talking, because Ritchie Blackmore – a man with an inexhaustible sense of humor.

Photo: Ruslan shamukov/TASS Vyacheslav Butusov – about the album ChiaroScuro and life in isolation

Talked about the current situation, and that now mankind, in fact, waging a war for their survival. And Richie shared his thoughts about that withemoiselle for people, perhaps the most difficult is that they sometimes just need someone to talk to…

it Turned out this family friendly concert, however, for the whole world. Sometimes candice was all like, cute without losing the thread of the conversation, and condescending, benevolent Richie wryly joked and again started a new tune.

the Way

in the Spring of 2018 Richie came to Russia with a revived band, Rainbow. Sang it already, Ronnie Romero, and the repertoire was the hits of Deep Purple: Soldier of Fortune, Burn, of course, Smoke on the Water… From this artist never know what to expect.

Among other things

And in 2015, during a concert of Blackmore’s Night in “Crocus city Hall” the Maestro busily placed the small combo pack. Between songs opened another bottle. And then I noticed that the hall looks at it carefully. And offered in English: “Hey, what, someone wants a beer?”

Photo: Sergey Konkov/TASS Sergey Shnurov will be a guided tour of the Tretyakov gallery

for Some time we, the audience, were in a daze. Well this is another one of the stars did not offer?!

it took a couple minutes and one guy, on padded feet, awkwardly, hobbled to the scene. Richie noticed a friendly wink. And went for another bottle.

And when the audience still climbed the stairs and stopped shy of the legendary guitarist opened the bottle and handed it to him. Welcome tapped on the shoulder. Then continued the presentation!

Oh, and how many applause!