To gain knowledge online in the period of isolation students under the supervision of parents learned. And the teachers learned to translate. But how in this format to assess whether internalized the acquired knowledge?With the introduction of the regime in the country the restrictions of the school classes passed to a remote format. Just a week was created Internet portal “My school online”, available kids all over the country. 22 APR started educational broadcasting on the same channel.That is a problem with the delivery of educational content to students is solved: explain the themes of the teacher and tasks to books which everyone has at home, they get either in the TV or in electronic format. However, there was the question: what to test how deeply absorbed this knowledge? “BARS group”, Skyeng and the group of companies “Education” have joined forces to create effective solutions in the field of digitalization of assessment of pupils knowledge and skills. This was announced at the Moscow international salon of education of MIEF-2020, which, like school lessons, is now in an online format.Integrate two in-demand service. “Interactive workbook Skysmart” (development Skyeng) for teachers and students, which automatically evaluates the homework. Moreover, the teacher can immediately see the overall results and can evaluate the performance themselves. All tasks are closely linked with textbooks publishers group “Education” and the school program.The second service is a module “Electronic diary” (included in the solution “E-school” from “BARS group”). The extension will allow the teacher to choose the tasks of training materials (provide “Enlightenment”) and send them to students as homework.Solutions “BARS group” in education now enjoyed by teachers, pupils and parents in 25 regions of the country is 5.4 million people. And interactive workbook — more than 900 thousand students who had to perform more than 2.5 million jobs.During the press-briefing “Diary didn’t forget: how to check and evaluate online learning”, held at the site of MIEF-2020 April 29, representatives of “BARS group”, Skyeng and “Enlightenment” explained the progress made on the integration of electronic services and how they is filled with educational content.Alexander Laryanovsky, managing partner, Director of business development school Skyeng, during a press briefing remembered how it all began: “When in the first week of service, we began to conduct in-depth interviews with teachers, we realized that they want in one click have what you need for training. And thanks to the group of companies “Education” — they went towards the market and allowed all content to give free access to all teachers and students of the country.”And then in the statistics serv��sa there was something Laryanovsky never seen before: growth charts were just vertical. “We all grew, as in a fairy tale, not by days but by hours. Really. Every hour we punched new ceiling”— he shared his impressions.Teachers, he said, through the feedback thanked the creators of the service because now they can every day to save 2 hours of precious time that has gone before to check homework. However, it asked the question: is it possible to make it all work within the already familiar “Electronic diaries”? And then Skyeng came to “BARS group”. And almost for 10 minutes, the company agreed on a joint project.”We must improve the quality of life of our member — parent, student, teacher. And only by joining forces we are able to achieve this goal,” — said Elvira Gilmanova, Deputy General Director of “BARS group”.The user, in her opinion, should not think where to go: to Zoom, Skysmart or “Electronic diary”.”It just comes in a single ecosystem, and starts to learn, create, etc in the phone: we are on a single password, and use for any application — music, chat, e-mail,” she explained.Working together with development partners, as well as “Education”, the company was able to make its product more efficient and user-friendly, she said.”I would not consider this project only as a tool aimed to test knowledge. I would consider it as part of the tools that you need as a teacher in the new reality,” said Mikhail Kozhevnikov, the President of GK “Enlightenment”.The teacher need familiar content as a tool that he’s using life. But he needs now, and new technologies. The pooling of resources “Working paper” and “Electronic diary”, he said, gives the teacher and pupil “is actually a complete service communication and the ability to effectively conduct the educational process”.”We understand that the content will change and technology will hone. Our goal is to provide the teacher and student the opportunity to form individual educational trajectory, to use all services, expending minimum amount of effort”, — said Kozhevnikov. He hoped that this project will connect and other companies, “which have their services that will be approved by the teachers.”The challenge now, in his view, is that the new service was available in all 85 regions of the country, for teachers, students and parents are more than 42 thousand schools. The more popular it will be, of course, not only in terms of isolation, but in the long term. And in all of the participants of the press briefing were unanimous.