Perhaps the main recommendation: native people not to do sharp movements and to literally flee as soon as their doors open. Now is the time to talk with each other and try to solve the problem. Perhaps we should try to bring with the now permitted streets a breath of fresh air into relationships.

according to Yulia Shoigu, EMERCOM psychologists has prepared methodological recommendations on how to maintain their psychological well-being in and out of isolation mode.

Perhaps someone this problem can seem far-fetched, as many look forward to removing anti-epidemic measures. Nevertheless, people may encounter psychological difficulties. The person gets used to everything, including isolation. And today to return to the old rhythm for many means scrapping the current in the last months habits.

During the time of isolation and finding people in unusual circumstances can escalate long-standing family conflicts, and also to be new problems.When the isolation began, EMERCOM psychologists has recommended to declare a truce on the long-standing conflict couples, locked in four walls. Self-isolation is not the time to hold each other extra hassle.

As explained by Yulia Shoigu, in that situation it was important not to shake myself to keep calm and stable emotional state. Nervous conversations in a confined space do not lead to good. But now it’s time to talk.

“Now is the opportunity when something can be done to make life more comfortable”, – said Yulia Shoigu.

do Not immediately flee to the Registrar to officially become strangers. To destroy something is easy. But the destruction is not the solution to problems, it only creates new puzzles.

Because most of the family problems of a man is his mind, and he will take with him. For example, laziness, hysteria, sloppiness is not going anywhere, they will go with the man wherever he went. Point to the door the wife or husband is easy, but try to point out the door to my own laziness, which in the long run and is the root of the problem.

Now, when the family space is not closed, a frown of philosophical thought has accumulated, a great time to talk to each other heart to heart. When people begin to talk with each other, they more it is capable.

“self-Isolation had not caused problems but said the problems that were before, said Yulia Shoigu. – The quarantine is not introduced something categorically new in our lives. He allowed each of us to look at ourselves in new circumstances”.

Psychologists do not recommend to take global action rashly.

“If you feel the need to change ka��of assets relations in General, try to allocate a separate time to discuss the situation in a calm atmosphere. In conversation it is important to maintain respect for each other, so everyone can be heard”, – stated in the recommendations of the Ministry of emergency situations.

Yulia Shoigu stressed that while we sat at home, the reality has changed. We, too, have changed.

“From a psychological point of view, the right to speak and to perceive this period as a “return” to something old and as a new stage, with new opportunities and perhaps new challenges,” she says.

you don’t have to wait for the return to the point from which you left. For example, a two to three month ago were much slimmer. And now surprised to realize that even a short walk around the house causing shortness of breath.

Many, of course, want to relive old times: Jogging, parties, theatres and all that was for a person so familiar and normal at the end of winter. However, the plans should be commensurate with his forces. Figuratively speaking, it is not necessary to plan a marathon, it is better to start with a short jog.

To better prepare for the gradual removal of restrictions and cope with stress, psychologists are advised to gradually plan their actions.

“Use the information about how it will be removed restrictions, begin to plan their actions in advance. Make your plan for the day, and when the situation will become more stable – make a plan for a longer period”, – stated in the manual.